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08-15-2011, 03:30 PM
<p>Fame being pointless because to hold a title you need a 10:1 kdr. So what you have is people running around solo in zones. If they engage then their guild comes and helps kill you or they use some cheap technique that is scout or race related to get away like Froglok water walk off the edge into the water in Great Divide. Evacing over and over. Camping in and out of game to retain immunity, Flying around on griffens. The only people pvping or are these cheap people or Full groups of people.</p><p>People complain about Battlegrounds? Battlegrounds are the only place i want to pvp.</p><p>Pvp server is a flat out terrible representation of what PvP should be. The rewards are either not worth getting or not worth retaining because of the playstyle you must play at to retain titles.</p><p>Dev's excuse is they dont even have anyone working on pvp. Players excuse is they are so bored they will do anything.</p>

08-15-2011, 04:30 PM
<p>Fame is what is it... it's not purely the only reason why people try to flee/escape.  They don't want to die.  I boggle Hunter all day long... works for me!</p><p>I don't mind BG'ing... but I'll be honestly...  as of late, Open World PvP is actually more active then you think.  WF has alot of PvP at the top of one hour... and then you'll find it at Ring War (PQ) at the top of the next.  Rinse, Repeat.</p><p>I attribute this to BG's being so terrible and broke, that people have actually started open world PvP'ing again.  Combat still has a ton of issues, but I'm getting to the point that it's not as broken as every one flames about every day.  TBH Trax.. your class is beyond broke.  Untill they fix it, expect people to call in for help when you engage them.  It's your job to kill the targets before the help gets there.... that's my goal with every fight.  Again, in your class' case... it's kill before the x3 arrive to burn a brawler down.</p><p>My suggestion... drop any care for titles and if people get away, it's not them running or fleeing to ONLY protect their title.  It's you and your groups fault for letting them get away.  Figure out a way to stop them and if they get away, they get away.  If someone runs from me and get's away.... sure I'll say to my self "wussy".. but then I don't tear up about it.  I think about what I could have done better to prevent their getaway next time.</p><p>win win </p>

08-15-2011, 04:35 PM
<p>I've also experienced a great deal of pvp in the last few weeks, will get even more once I exile~</p>

08-18-2011, 03:49 PM
<p>Vox Warfields have been very active over last few weeks, quite impressive. As for the titles, since the change the KDR is a little nutty... I can go into a battle with 80-100points saved up and even though I am on everyone's recent, i loose 6 points each death.</p><p>FAME should be mirroring the /recent whereas you cant keep loosing 6 points on every death</p>

08-19-2011, 12:45 PM
<p><cite>Bhrom wrote:</cite></p><blockquote><p>FAME should be mirroring the /recent whereas you cant keep loosing 6 points on every death</p></blockquote><p>No it shouldn't. This was a good change.. so you either fight or flight. It allows people to hold down an area, as it were. Instead of letting people zerg over and over with no risk of losing anything after the first death.</p><p>Now if you want to keep zerging then chances are you will lose fame over and over again. This does change once you drop a level, ie go from Destroyer to Slayer; at that point you will not lose anything for another 30mins.</p>

08-19-2011, 03:16 PM
<p>PVP is dying fast in eq2, right about now all eq2 can do to say pvp is simply insert some realm vs realm instances into eq2 regular server have those specific instances have the special pvp rules, warfields, etc and simply convert old pvp server into regular server.</p>

08-19-2011, 07:21 PM
<p>Make the instances on the PvP servers open zones with PvP enabled.  Make PvE gear viable for PvP again and stop screwing with the mechanics of pvp and things may get better.  We want to PvP, not be forced into certain areas at certain times to do so.</p><p>Making the instances open zones will get people to those zones to raid, and others to contest them.  That is one thing (at least in my opinion) that will get people back and going out again.  Contested Mobs that are worth something IE raid mobs = better loot, which brinds people to them!</p>