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04-19-2011, 03:59 PM
<p><p>Located in the southern district of Qeynos near the Nettleview Hovel is an old manor that once belonged to an Iksar that sought refuge in the city of Qeynos. The city records state that his name was Drekkan Ahzmandius, although his last name was actually Ssarentath, and the records to this day still state that the Iksar had passed away. The story of what really happened to Drekkan is known, at least in part, by many adventurers and people who frequent the Raven Mythic. However this story isn't about what happened to Drekkan. This is the story about what happened to his home.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/A01.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>The obituary announcing Drekkan's death came as a complete shock to the city officials, who knew that Drekkan had several months of unpaid taxes due. The city quickly came in to the small but elegant home and quickly looked for anything that they could take which would pay for the taxes</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/A02.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>The furniture was antique, and while it would have at one time fetched a healthy price on the auction block, it was in need of restoration before it could be sold - restoration which would decrease any profit that the city could have gained from it. However, the walls of the home were covered with an exotic hardwood veneer, which the city quickly stripped from the stone walls that lay behind it.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/A03.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>Realizing that the exotic hardwood would not be enough to cover the "late" Drekkan's unpaid taxes, the city made the decision to rent the house out to low income refugees as a way of slowly recuperating the debt. Over the years, several refugee families came and lived in the old house..</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/A04.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>...And all of them left their own unique mark on the home.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/A05.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>Years of neglect and poor house keeping took its toll on Drekkan's old home. The splendor that it once had was slowly being stripped away and covered under layers of dust. Once a fancy little manor, the home which Drekkan built and lived in was slowly turning into a hovel.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/B01.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>It's latest residents are two Iksar brothers who fled from the shadowy grasp of Freeport. Hatched in the slums of Freeport, Zerisak and Rayhan were forced to fend for themselves at an early age. Rayhan went to become an inquisitor in the Temple of War, but his younger brother did not fare as well. Zerisak lived on the streets doing any job that anyone would pay him to do. He made an easy target for someone to frame, and was arrested when he was only seventeen years old.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/B02.jpg" width="1024" height="602" /></p><p>Rayhan tried to help free his brother from the Militia's prison, yet despite all the blackmail he had so many members of the Militia, his efforts were in vain. Nevertheless, the inquisitor had gained the notice of the ones who had set Zerisak up to be framed, and they wanted to eliminate any possible loose ends. Rayhan soon found himself in prison as well.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/B03.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>The two brothers were crafty, and their bond as brothers proved stronger than the physical chains they were bound in. Together they escaped from the Militia's dark prison.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/D01.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>Chased by bounty hunters, the two brothers fled to the city of Qeynos to make a new life for themselves. When Rayhan joined the Celestial Watch the city of Qeynos gave them a home they could rent for fairly cheap.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/D02.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. The home Drekkan built had been neglected and abused since he had faked his death. Many who would step foot in the home would look at it as being nothing more than a hovel, although a keen eye would see glimpses of faded elegance beneath the layers of dust.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/D03.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>When Rayhan and Zerisak moved in, however, they were thrilled to death with their new home. When you have spent years in a cramped prison cell in Freeport, even the most poorly kept house will look like a palace.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/E01.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>They may not be good house keepers, but the two brothers were overjoyed to finally have a large and comfortable bed which they could sleep in, rather than a hard cell bunk. They had a dining room they could eat in without fear of another prisoner stabbing them for their food. And they had a bathtub of their own, rather than a shared shower.</p><p><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n290/DrekkanDunsadh/Drekkan%20Home/E02.jpg" width="840" height="494" /></p><p>It is fitting indeed that the home which a refugee named Drekkan had spent years laboring to build as an elegant place to live had served as a home for others who were in need like him. Many people in Qeynos were rightly angered when they learned that Drekkan had lied to them all and faked his death, even if they didn't know the reason why. Yet many good things happened because of that decision. Because he falsified his death, Drekkan's old home has given shelter to two Iksar brothers, who finally have a home after so many years of living in the slums of Freeport.</p></p>

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<p>Wonderful job!!  Love the use of the bookcases for the wood ceilings!</p>

Tyrus Dracofire
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<p>thank you for cool story.</p><p>theme in there look ideal.</p>

SecrAtive Girl
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<p>that's great i love it!</p>

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<p>Thanks a lot for the nice story and for sharing. I would have loved to visit it  but  I think it is not set for public visits ?</p><p>Greetings Mu!</p>

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<p>The home looks great and I LOVE the story along with it! I did go to visit yesterday and it wasn't on the list though <img src="/smilies/9d71f0541cff0a302a0309c5079e8dee.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p>

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<p>Apologies. <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /> The house should be unlocked for visitors now.</p>

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<p>Very moody and nicely done.  Love the backstory!  Happy to see you are on AB so I can add it to my lists of must see places to visit. <img src="/eq2/images/smilies/283a16da79f3aa23fe1025c96295f04f.gif" border="0" /></p>

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<p>Hello,</p><p>thanks for opening it. I visited today and you did a phantaboullustatical job. I love the spooky atmosphere. One suggestion...if someone visits it and has not read this forum people might be curious.....so leave a book with the story you posted here  somewhere in the front room. Maybe with a glowing light close to it.</p><p>Greetings Mu!</p>

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<p>I'm always fond of themed house and this one as a wonderfull story and I really love how it looks. Congratulations.</p>

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<p>Love it! Love the story line to! The roof is a really cool idea and I love how you made it look old, but like it was worth something back in the day. Good job. <img src="/eq2/images/smilies/e8a506dc4ad763aca51bec4ca7dc8560.gif" border="0" /></p>

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<p>The first few pictures really caught my eye, so I had to go and actually visit while reading the background...I love what you did. The feel of the house is really amazing, you did a wonderful job changing the standard Qeynos home into something with a totally different feel to it. Love the look of the stone tiles and dividers for the walls, it was very well done and looked natural too - like that's how the house came, very clean work. I also love how you treated the windows, they look great and really help give that different feel to the home.</p>

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<p>O  I had to go see it in person too.  Lots of nice touches and creative use of items to create a unique home.  I am a fan of your work and this is no exception.  465 items  wow boogles the mind how much you were able to do. You are going to be in great demand when the smaller prestige houses hit. </p><p>Kudos,</p><p>Cloudrat</p>

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<p>I don't think I would have guessed what house this was originally just by looking. You've done an amazing job of transforming the house, and I love the story that goes with it.</p>

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<p>I have been absolutely terrible about posting in house threads recently.</p><p>I have been a fan of Drekkan's work since the first time someone mentioned the Flying Owlbear and I decided to wander over and visit. Of course, the tavern was going on that night, so I invised so I wouldn't disturb anyone. Since I was low level at the time, however, that backfired. People kept wondering why the crazy was wandering around invised...</p><p>Wonderful work once again, Drekkan! I love how this turned out, and I am honored that I was allowed to visit. I just may have to steal back those windows for a future project of mine! *grin*</p><p>I cannot wait until you finish that other project you're working on!</p>