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02-28-2011, 01:04 PM
<p>Hello,</p><p>A player from Storms asked me some informations on how to use the group options of the layout editor. I never used groups in the layout editor and don't really know how those can be used. Well, I see how they can't be used but a brief description with tips and tricks that I could translate back to him would be appreciated <img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p><p>Thanks a lot.</p>

02-28-2011, 05:33 PM
You need to select the items you want to move from the main window. Point to Point move = It will move the selected Items. If you were standing in a spot with two items to your left and you use your /loc as the start and then ran into another room and used your new /loc as the destination, it would move those two items to your left at the new location (same relative position). Basically the script is figuring out the difference between the start and end points and applying that to each item. I intended it to be used as a shortcut provided you had log parsing on. Rotate Group - This rotates the selected objects around a point. It will figure out the new X,Y position and Rotation values. If you wanted to move a bunch of items from a North wall to a west wall, you could select those items and rotate them 90 degrees around a point (and then use group move to position them or manually do it from the main window). group scaling does not work.

02-28-2011, 05:37 PM
<p> .. oh .. if you mean the Save/Load Group  ..</p><p>This was a way for move a design from one house to another. It saves the selected items to a file (similar to layouts), which can be loaded into another layout. It will put the loaded items at a position relative to 0,0,0. You can then use the group move function to place them anywhere in the house you want. Set start as 0,0,0 and destination as the I think SW corner of the items.  It might take some playing to get things into the right spot.</p>

02-28-2011, 09:37 PM
<p>Thanks a lot Jesdyr.</p><p>I meant the save/load group that I never used so I didn't know if there was any special things related to it <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p><p>For the rotate group, I sometimes had problems with it, the editor rotating only part of the group and not all the selected items. It could have been a problem with said items collision but it was usually in the middle of rooms. It didn't happened since a long time so it may be a fixed issue. I just triple-save anything to be on the safe side <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p><p>I never used the /loc command, I should try it I think. I got used to hovering over my compass to see my loc to find an item and move it before you added the /loc option.</p><p>mmmh...</p><p>Did I say that I LOVE this great tool you offered us?</p>

03-01-2011, 04:53 PM
<p>Load/Save was one of the earlier things I added. The idea was to allow people to share designs across different house zones. I never did explain it much since I never was happy with it.</p><p>Rotate bug - No idea .. I would have to see it. It could be a conflict created when I added in the new sorting code.</p><p>/loc - You need to have logging on (obviously) and point the editor at the log file (file -> settings).. Almost every place in the editor where you can enter a location that has the magnifying glass next to it will let you just populate those values with your last /loc .. The only bug I know about with it is when you have very little chatter going on. If the nothing was written to the log file since your /loc it will not pick it up. In this case just doing /loc again will force the write and the parser will pick it up.</p>