View Full Version : Laughable Crusade change...

02-24-2011, 05:41 PM
<p>At t9 master tier, this buff now gives 130 wisdom (Only useable by healers now) 1.25% potency from 5 AA points, and 288 resistances, and 5% heal (woo 186 points from our own ward split between % heal and potency!)</p><p>288.</p><p>I found that funny, being approximately 10% a piece of resist jewlery. Lets double it and call 1/5th a piece of resist jewelery a step in the positive.</p><p>I know nothing will happen, but c'mon. 288 resistances is what gear from runney eye gives.</p>

02-25-2011, 03:16 AM
<p>All of the buffs that got resists added to them due to the stat change have that type of numbers on them. Theres even buffs that cost some folks concentration slots that do effectively nothing at all! Way to go SOE, I'm bursting with joy at the awesome job someone threw together in 5 minutes when they discovered they messed up alot of the stacking that happens with buffs.</p><p>Everything is being pushed towards being completely self reliant and 100% about how phat of lewtz your gear is.</p>