View Full Version : Paladin training points?

01-05-2011, 02:43 PM
<p>I'm new to EQ2, and my paladin just reached level 14. I found a lot of useful information on how to spend AA points, but not on how to spend these training points we can chose every 10 levels from level 14 on.</p><p>I'll mainly be questing and exploring so I'm looking for solo/DPS advice more then anything. Is it better to stick that point at level 14 in Blessed Weapon, or ancient Wrath?</p><p>And if i set up these points can I change them at a later stage, just like the AA points?</p>

01-06-2011, 09:02 AM
<p>You can reset the character development page just like the AA ones, this includes racial traditions, character traits and class training.</p><p>Grandmaster choices aren't really going to matter much, particularly at low level where you will out grow them pretty quickly.  Having said that I tend to prefer the 'always on' abilities if available and with my lowbie paladin I chose Blessed Weapon at 14 and Wrath Stance II at 24.  Another school of thought says to pick the highest level one as it will usually be the longest before it is replaced (typically each spell/ability is replaced in a 14 level cycle - though there are exceptions).  But pick something that you feel you will get most use from.</p>