View Full Version : In Relationship To The Possible Upcoming Paladin Changes...

12-21-2010, 05:29 AM
<p>I've heard mention of how the devs are looking at increasing our cool down times on heals and upping the amount and reducing cast times.  All of these sound reasonable.  I wanted to post a suggestion or two and maybe get a little community feedback.</p><p>In general I'd like to see our heals have something added that would allow us to either generate hate/and or dps.  There is something lost as the benefit of a heal is not a 1 to 1 ratio.  I'm not saying its critical to survival, but it would be a nice change.  You have tank classes that almost every ability either has dps or hate tied directly to it.  We have cure for example..now Im not saying that the hate it generates amounts to much alone, but it helps by offseting the time you loose by not casting that spell/CA.  Here's what I'd like to see...</p><p>Ward-(lower the cast,increase the reuse slightly) Add a small reflect to it, just enough to offset the cast and maybe help on the dps.  It would keep the paladin feel and it wouldnt be a 100%, only when something is cast against us.</p><p>Sac-I know some people dont like this spell in its current state, I use it/shrug..that being said why not look at giving it a stone skin with 1 trigger and 1 threat position increase?</p><p>Prayer-this is a good spell but the cast speed for the amount of healing is terrible, idk what could be a different approach here, maybe a HoT?</p><p>Lay Hands-% increase sounds good.</p><p>Divine Favor-Idk what to say abou this, for it to even be halfway decent you need to put aa in it and be a raider with the adornment, even then at best its a 50-60 heal with a long timer.  I dont have a problem with a 50% heal amount but at the cost of a red adornment?  Not to mention the AA you have to spend to avoid the stifle...this needs an adjustment.  Speaking in reference to other tanking classes.  If nothing else increase the base amount.</p><p>Holy Aid- add a small amount of hate..like we have with our cure.</p><p>Pledge- ok this doesnt really fit in this particular conversation but I dont think I have used this spell in two years.  The fact that you cant cast it and raid armor together makes it useless.  No one is going to out the other 20 people in a raid for an extra 600-700 mit increase.  This at the least should be castable while raid armor is up. </p>