View Full Version : Beta Testers Needed! ONLY $12 monthly!

08-05-2010, 09:32 AM
<p>Does anyone understand how SOE can run a game (I could stop there), without doing any real testing other than current players? Why would I play a game to fix the problems with it? As a Graphic Designer, I don't charge clients to tell me what is wrong with the work I'm doing for them...</p><p>Do they believe they are saving money?</p><p>Unsatisified customers don't pay. Lossing customer base results in loss of sales. This promts ways to make more money (through market place and where not), which discourages many true players. Which dwindles the already diminishing player base. Which then prompts more dedicated PvPers to opt for another game more suitable from lack of opposition. Free market break down for you SOE.</p><p>I hope SOE figures out that pushing out any content is sooo much more discouraging than having to wait for good content (which is what we are actually still waiting for since the expansion from all the garbage pushed out). It's amazing all of us are sitting through both circumstance.</p>