View Full Version : Another Simple Solution for WF's (freebie tokens in WF's)

07-23-2010, 02:55 PM
<p>Forced AFK tags in WF's... disable the option in the game for "Auto AFK disable" while in WF's (or just disable completely) and force people AFK under the following circumstances:</p><ul><li> No movement or activity for 5 minutes</li><li> No interaction with another player or Guard for 10 minutes</li><li> Anyone on the docks  regardless of movement / activity (instant AFK on docks) **edit</li><li> Anyone dead for more then 10 minutes</li><li> Anyone in a revive area for more then 5 minutes after reviving from a death, regardless of activity</li></ul><p>The game then gives no rewards for those flagged as AFK...</p><p>This would Illiminate free tokens to people who are:</p><ul><li>going afk at the docks </li><li>going afk after dying</li><li>going afk after reviving</li><li>going afk for sitting in a part of the zone doing nothing for the WF / PVP</li><li>questing in the zone and not participating in PVP / WF</li></ul><p>There is NO way of doing a blanket fix to everyone who exploits going AFK at a WF and getting free tokens, only to lag the zone up... but this is the best overall solution to this, as it rewards those people taking an active role in PVP / WF and punishes those ONLY who are truely afk and not doing anything...</p>

07-23-2010, 03:29 PM
<p>Awesome idea. And to add to that, if you are going to do this and still keep a cap on how many players can be in each warfeild, ensure that these players don't count toward the cap, the lag be damned!</p>