View Full Version : New Idea: PVP Golden Path Idea

06-28-2010, 12:43 PM
<p>After a warfield took place in Commonlands, me and some guild mates came back in thru the West Freeport gates. I observed some lower than 30 players near the arena and had an idea.</p><p>It might be nice for new players to have some kind of PVP "Golden Path" thast encouraged them to actively partipate in the Arena, either versus another player or versus an NPC, but the end result would that the player becomes more aware of PVP gear they should and can obtain that prepares them for PVP they are exposed to in the early levels.</p><p>The PVP gear obtain via quests in the early levels wouldn't need to be OP but just enough to give new players a taste of what they should strive for...</p>

06-28-2010, 02:03 PM
<p>Well the thing is:</p><p>1 You have to want to PvP, if not nothing will make you to do it (and getting ganked to much may cause that).</p><p>2 You have to get away from the blue server mindset and go to where the goups in your guild goes, even though you do not want to go there.</p><p>3 You have to find the right guild I have been in my guild for a month and its not many of us but we do Pvp togheter and we do try to bring people along. Join a guild that plays on the same time as you and that is into PvP. The casual guild that chats and says gratz to you when you level is not a good solution if you want to PvP.</p><p>Personally I have had a blast, but it is daunting and it requires a lot from you as a player it is a lot about what the guild does and how the people in your guild treats you. if you are a part of a PvP guild and does not get invites to PvP groups on your level leave.</p>