View Full Version : Warfields simplified

06-26-2010, 02:31 AM
<p>How about something like this.  Get rid of the towers.  Keep the 10 level kill range.  Time it the way it is with ant and cl alternating battlegrounds.  Do the call to arms announcement.  Then everyone reports to the correct zone and you just kill each other.  Duration 15 minutes.  You cannot release, but you can be rezzed.  Do a kill to death ratio vs. number of participants ratio for each side to determine the winner and award coins.  Make pvp coins non tradeable, you have to use them on the toon you earn them with.  Create warfield buffs that are only in effect during warfields.  Negative for the victor and positive for the loser to help equalize sheer number advantages of one side or the other up to x5.  So if you are on a toon that has won 5 in a row or lost 5 in a row the buff is that much greater either positievely or negatively.</p><p>Not being able to release reduces the zerg effect while being able to rez involves some strategies that give healers something to do of value beides heal, while at the same time giving even more reason to kill healers.  15 minutes is not overly long to be out of commision, and at any second you could be rezzed back into action.  Not allowing pvp coins to be tradeable within an account forces the issue of not everyone just bringing healers, because if you do  thats the only toon you will be able to advance in pvp gear.  You wouldn't be able to coin with a healer and just pass them off to all your other toons, and once you max a toon out  the coins just go to waste.  The buff is pretty well explained above, it is just to equalize any advantage one side holds over the other in sheer number.</p><p>This could be done in cl1 , cl2, cl3 etc. and likewise with ant.  This way you don't have to be in the right instance to have a meaningful fight.</p>