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06-23-2010, 02:21 PM
So i play a 90 SK , my problem is in BGs i get yelled at for not taunting but i really try hard to taunt as much as i can . As far as i can tell i got 4 single target taunt sneering assault - Rescue - Insidious whisper - Blasphemy but how should be able to keep ppl taunted if i got another tank taunting me??? Im basicaly taunt locked by some other tank and i got no aoe taunt so the healer get atacked and hes yelling at me that im not taunting . I cant switch to ppl atacking the healer because im taunt locked most of the time . Am i missing anything??? I only have 141 aa but i dont see any kind of aoe taunt coming with aa . So plz anyone got any tips on how to tank with a sk???

06-23-2010, 03:38 PM
<p>This is what happens when people hear about a overpowered class and roll it expecting the same results.</p>

Harbringer Doom
06-23-2010, 03:55 PM
<p>This is also what happens when ratards teamed with a tank, who have probably never played a tank, expect the tank to absorb/block/deflect/take any and all incoming damage whatsoever that is cast by the opposing team.  No matter if proc, or AOE.</p><p>Also, there are far too many ratards out there yelling for the tank to taunt when they are running around the field no where near the tank.</p><p>I'll give you one guess who is the most loud mouthed "OMG TAUNT"-er out there, who clearly has NFI was he is talking about.  The first two guesses don't count....</p>

06-24-2010, 06:41 AM
<p>What you have to understand about tanking in PVP is the different reactive taunts that different classes have... for guardians, its any damage they recieve is a 50% chance to force target onto them for 3 seconds... for Zerks, its any melee damage they recieve is 20% chance to force... for brawlers its any melee damage THEY dish out has a chance to force that target to them...</p><p>For crusaders its abit different in there is not realy a "reactive" proc... its spells that do it... for the most part... </p><p>At any rate..</p><p>the main thing you need to remember to do in pvp tanking is the "tab target" rule... whatever key you have for "next pvp target" spam that and taunt, attack, whatever it is....</p><p>for SK specifically, if you have a mythical, there is a chance for your mythical to proc a temporary buff that forces targets on all spell attacks to target you... so just tab and spam attacks as much as possible... if someone is outside "taunt" range and they are getting beat on... run over to them, rescue or taunt their attacker off of them and go back to the mix..... and dont forget them to dont be stupid and get near you... all mages think they are better off way outside the bunch...</p><p>Remember almost all tanks taunts last 3 seconds max... so if you get locked on a tank... just tab "next PVP target" and keep trying... in that split second you get to target someone if the other tank is good, use that to spam a taunt on anyone else in the group you may not have locked down... and tell you healer to ride your nuts... but chances are she is probably chasing the morons outside taunt range because they are getting beat on cuz they arent' near the tank... whatever.. as long as the tank and healers are alive thats the most imporant thing...</p><p>remember green taunts are your friend... spam them as much as they are up</p><p>Remember the SK mythical clicky, and the shadow tree tank attack... rescue... and your basic group / single target taunts... tab and spam those as much as possible....</p><p>and if the opposing tank is junk... then lock their healer onto you... make it so they can only cast group heals...</p>