View Full Version : Young paladin looking for advice

06-19-2010, 06:43 AM
<p>I m 34 with 69 aas and i m looking for advice on my aa setting, i m very happy with my character since i can do instances of my  level or above with no healer, i feel almost overpowered.</p><p>Currently i have avenger with max double attack and divine aura with max critical. </p><p>This fill the 50 points i can put in knight. </p><p>In Paladin i decided to go for the 25% of chance to block, but on the way the sceal talent is useless (the spell is 50) so i will put 20 in the 4 others, exept the 100% increase in the healing induced by one of my attack the talents are not that good. </p><p>So the healing line may be better, especially since it will affect all my heals and give me an extra healing spell. </p><p>Indeed i do wonder what is the best. </p><p>I also considered taking the inteligence colum in knigth, the end talent looks better than divine aura (it lasts twice longer and reflect, even if it's only a 50% immunity). But i would loose the crit from the divine aura column. </p><p>I don't think i will give up the advenger talent, the spell/ca haste it gives is very nice. </p><p>So my question is : should i go for the healing line or the blocking line ? (indeed may be another choice would even be better).</p><p>I also got my Polished Tomawak and Mana Stone, and i wonder if other items can provide me with mana regen, i can beat almost any non red (or deep orange) triple up as long as i have mana. </p>

06-19-2010, 07:50 AM
<p>The endline healing ability in the paladin tree is worthless. Go with the wrath line for smite evil as it's very powerful and costs no power, and it makes all your aoes a decent % stronger as you fill in the tree. After that, I'd probably suggest going the support line for the additional procs on auto attack and some in the heal line as needed. (IE, the ward and the single target spot heal)</p>

06-22-2010, 07:00 PM
<p>Personally I wouldn't go all the way down the Sta tree for Divine Aura.  I myself went down Agi line to get AE auto attack as I often pull multiple mobs. Sadly I could only put 7 points into trample as I had got the Str endline and the sta up to 10 crit, I could have reduced my crit down to 7 and maxed Trample but I haven't at the moment.  At 33 a 2h can hit for 600, that is nice when it AEs</p><p>Also, I actually went Shadows tree for 60-75 AA in order to get 5 points in damage reduction, again, because I fight multiple mobs it helped - groups of mobs without ^ cannot hurt me.</p>