View Full Version : AA for Achievements

06-08-2010, 12:27 PM
<p>One of my guildmates that lurks here but doesn't post (/waves to him) had an idea that I've wondered about myself.</p><p>We have all these lovely achievements for doing X quests in Y area, and killing 10/100/500/1000/10000 rats, and 9 billion tradeskill combines.  And some of them (a scant few) provide a tangible reward, such as a title.</p><p>With the general difficulties of a <strong>casual, normal player*</strong> to amount a decent number of AA points, what would the harm be in adding some AAxp to these achievements?</p><ul><li>Hunter of Rats = 1000 aaxp</li><li>Slayer of Rats = 6000 aaxp</li><li>Destroyer of Rats = 10000 aaxp</li><li>Explored all of Antonica = 1000 aaxp</li><li>Solo-killed Venril Sathir = 20000 aaxp</li></ul><p>These numbers are all arbitrary because I have no idea how much aaxp it takes to go from point 100 to point 101.</p><p>Point is, as they stand, achievements are a brief "ooh" moment of guild spam and maybe a title every once in a while or a spot on some leaderboard that nobody looks at (does one exist?).  If they provided some AAxp, that would help fill a gap as well as encourage exploration and doing different things in the game.</p><p>* I said casual, normal player because powergamers will always grind to 250 regardless of the system that is in place.</p>