View Full Version : Halas: A simple request.

06-06-2010, 01:18 PM
<p>A few things in Halas disturb me as a PvPer. The fact that they were either overlooked or purposely left out worries me. And I appreciate the work on the WFs, but with all of these updates I'm sure you could sneak in a fix for these.</p><p>1) Freeps should get carnaged in Halas. They should not receive immunity.</p><p>2) There should be guards standing at all three entrances to protect the running newbies from the lowbie gankers. Then, inside the city, there should be one or two roaming guards with Ice Wolves or something. If not this, in order to make Halas equivalent to Gorowyn, then just assure us number 1 please.</p><p>3) There should be immunity on the Halas docks. With all of the merchants there, people will probably sit there to buy all of their gear. People may also rally before they attempt to zone.</p><p>I don't think any of this is unreasonable. It is, afterall, what all of the other cities have received. And I don't want to hear someone telling me, "Well Halas is a neutral city," because so was Gorowyn...supposedly.</p>

06-06-2010, 03:35 PM
<p>Halas being the "opposite" of Gorowyn, I do agree that non-good faction players should get carnage flagged, just as non-evil aligned players get flagged in Gorowyn.</p><p>As far as guards protecting lowbies, I disagree. Gorowyn guards, or at least the majority of them (though I have found no aggro ones at all), do not "protect" lowbies there. Both are neutral cities, with good / evil leanings, so the guards should be non aggro to all imo.</p><p>There should be immunity on Halas' docks, I agree. I think the reason there is not is due to Halas being both city / open world at the same time. When you zone into any city, immunity begins fading -- only when you zone to docks in open world do you have immunity til moving out of it. Gorowyn works the same way, immunity fades on docks -- at least those portions mirror each other properly.</p><p>So you heard me tell you "Well Halas is a neutral city". It is, but the above points need to be addressed (or not, in regards to guards and immunity) to match it's counterpart.</p>