View Full Version : Warfields instancing "fix"?

06-05-2010, 10:37 PM
<p>wf's up cl2</p><p>cant get in cl2 invite please its full!!!</p><p>wf's up ant7!!!!</p><p>wait ant 7 not up that's a lie</p><p>wf's up cl3!!</p><p>no cl3 either sry</p><p>pst invite cl1, 10 min left!!!!</p><p>towers up cl2!!!</p><p>its full!!!!</p><p>no wait it doesnt exist, more lies!!!!</p><p>everybody zone to ant2, 17 min reamaining</p><p>cant get in full</p><p>pst invite ant 2!</p><p>wait, no ant2 thatsa lie!</p><p>are warfields up?</p><p>yes in cl4</p><p>more lies</p><p>5 min left cl1! were losing!</p><p>cant zone in cl one its full</p><p>wf's up cl5</p><p>lies</p><p>CL1 IMPLODED!!!!!!!!</p><p>The end of this endless 1-9 wf's spam is that nagafen server gave up the ghost at 1800hrs pacific, as it got tired of several thousand people playin musical wf zoning and imploded, had a toon stuck in BG's for 30 minutes now, I assume hes gone 4ever.</p><p>Im sorry, this fix is truly beyond absurd on so many lvls.</p><p>FOR GOD'S SAKE BRING BACK AN UNLIMITED PVP ZONE!</p><p>FOR GODS SAKE GET WF'S THE HELL OUTTA ANT/CL!</p><p>FOR GODS SAKE DO WF'S BY TIERS!</p>

06-05-2010, 11:00 PM
<p>Poor toon going on an hr stuck in x4 bg's.</p>