View Full Version : Station launcher friends list visible in game?

06-05-2010, 11:25 AM
<p><div><p>I run in full screen the station launcher is buried.   Its a rather large window to try to put on top of the game even if I ran in windowed mode.   In discussions elsewhere people suggest that station launcher is a great substitute for the in game friends lists;  I'm guessing the folks that say this are running windowed mode so they can see it at same time as game?  Last time I tried to run in windowed mode (as opposed to full screen mode), I had to spend a considerable amount of time getting my chat boxes un-collapsed and putting all my windows back where there were;  it wasn't fun.   Is there some some way to see the station launcher style friends list in game without alt-tabbing or alt-entering out of the game to get to it?   </p><p>It does seem like presenting the friends list accross all accounts the the way station launcher does, but in game would be great,  but I'm not going to risk messing up my ui settings to switch out to it.  </p><p>P.S.  Yes this was originally a replay to a thread that was locked while I was typing.... but I think I've reworded it so its a different question than that,    try not to make me get blamed for reopenning a locked topic,  cause thats not my intent.</p></div></p>

06-05-2010, 01:06 PM
<p>Yes there is a way to run in fullscreen without having to redo your UI. The reason you see that problem is because your window mode setting is a lower or different resolution setting then full screen.</p><p>This setting will be in your eq2_recent.ini file.</p><p>cl_screenwidth_windowed 1676cl_screenheight_windowed 1026</p><p>Now I typically already run in windowed mode so my settings are kinda weird. But if I were running from fullscreen (UI set in fullscreen rather then windowed like mine are). I would set it up like this:</p><p>cl_screenwidth_windowed 1680cl_screenheight_windowed 1050</p><p>Set yours the same as your ingame fullscreen resolution. But note that for it to work properly you will need to set your desktop resolution to something a notch higher. The reason my numbers are off a little is because of the windows taskbar at the bottom and the title bar of EQ2 and the sides all have to fit on my screen at once.</p><p>Hope that helps, and I've been thinking the same thing about the station launcher friendlist just 10 minutes ago lol. Fortunately I run in windowed mode already to check vent and MSN. But with this you should be good to go too. Good luck.</p>