View Full Version : anyone else that cant /claim their warrior of chaos?

yohann koldheart
05-29-2010, 09:16 AM
<p>its on the claim list, but when i click it to claim it it says i cant consume that item? anyone else having that problem? or know how to fix it?</p>

05-29-2010, 09:30 AM
<p>If you had claimed it on one toon already, then you should petition to make it available to the rest.  That's what I had to do.</p>

05-29-2010, 09:41 AM
<p>I had the same issue, I just sent in a petition about it and the next day it was fixed. I can claim it on all my characters now. I suggest doing the same. <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p>