View Full Version : Some questions about XP, modifiers, and grouping

05-23-2010, 11:31 AM
<p>Hey all,</p><p>I just had some questions about XP that I was wondering whether anyone could clear up.</p><p>I assume that if you were soloing and you kill a mob without any sort of modifier (no rested xp, no potion, no RAF) you would gain 100% xp from that mob. So here are some questions based on that assumption:</p><p>How much xp do you gain if you are grouped with 1 other person as a duo?</p><p>Assuming it is something like 50% xp plus a 10% xp bonus = 60% for grouping with 1 other person, if you have a 55% potion going do you then get 155%x.60 = 93% xp from a kill?</p><p>How about RAF? If you are grouped with your friend under normal circumstances I assume you are getting 300% XP if the other player is not in range of you.</p><p>If that is the case how much are you getting when both players are in range, effectively duoing? 180% or so?</p><p>If you have a 55% xp potion and triple xp from RAF do you gain 355% xp or 465% xp?</p><p>Thanks for any help anyone can offer.</p><p>*edit* As a slightly further point on these questions, which, if any, of these effects impact AA xp when you have your slider all the way at 100%? Thanks.</p>

05-23-2010, 02:17 PM
<p>XP isn't split among group members. Each member gets 100% of the XP for that mob. All the other modifiers work off that.</p><p>AFAIK, all modifiers are applied before the XP/AA slider. So the game decides how much XP you get for the mob, then it decides based on the slider how much of that gets added to your XP and how much gets converted into AA.</p>