View Full Version : Returning to EQ2 -or- how I can't pick a class

05-19-2010, 03:02 AM
<p>I'm coming back to EQ2 after being out of it for a couple years.  I used to play on the PVP servers, and really liked it when we could get a good fight going.  I'm coming back to give battlegrounds a try.  Trouble is, I can't figure out what class to try!  I'm hoping you guys can give me a little advice.</p><p>I used to play a Monk and a Paladin, and enjoyed them a bit.  My main gripe was the lack of enough burst DPS to burn someone down.  I wanna lean towards higher DPS, but still bring some utility to my group.</p><p>On the list is <strong>Dirge, Swashbuckler/Brigand, and Bruiser</strong>.  I'm a bit outdated on how well they perform in a raiding and PVP sense, but have a good gist of what the classes do from memory and browsing over the wiki.  Could you guys give me a brief overview of what to expect as far as these classes go in PVP, and more specifically, battlegrounds?  I want to know what their roles are and how the DPS of each class compares to eachother.  How useful would a group in battlegrounds find each of these classes? </p>

05-19-2010, 11:56 AM
Welcome back to a sk server.

05-19-2010, 12:26 PM
<p>Monk/Bruisers are really good in PvP imo and you have to learn to use FD and spec AA correctly to have awesome brust dps enough in some tiers to smash a healer down. I really like them.</p><p>SK's are awesome and probaly the most OP class on eq2 and tons of players play them for that reason. I think going sk is dumb cuz so many out there.</p><p>scouts are always good because you get to take advantage of players and get the jump. brig/swahsy are good, and assassin/rangers are too. i dont like the other scouts tho (bards just not my style).</p><p>casters are hard to play if you have never played one imo.</p><p>other tanks you might enjoy is pally and zerker. both really strong imo.</p><p>Healers are great i love melee warden, melee mystic, and melee inq. you can never have enough healers.</p>