View Full Version : Battlegrounds notification / queuing instances

03-08-2010, 05:44 PM
<p>THere needs to be somekind of status on the guild screen or friends list to let everybody know your online but just particpating in Battlegrounds. As it is now. When we go into battegrounds it jsut shows off logged out of the game, nobody in the guild is the wiser.</p><p>Also with the way Battlegrounds can pull people from other servers i was tihnking it would be cool if people can queue up for a instances that way there would always somebody to group with it would seem. PUG galore. This would be great for casual players and small guilds. have options like level range, any dungeon, a certain group of dungeons like any of the eurdin instances, or players could hold out for a specific dungeon though this might leave you queued up for a bit longer.</p>