View Full Version : Option to choose a tougher match

03-04-2010, 11:34 AM
<p>The vast majority of matches when playing with guildies are very lopsided due to the innate lack of coordination and randomness of the skill/gear of the individual opponents.</p> <p>I would welcome a little check-box that if you clicked when you queued would favor matching you with similarly inclined opponents.</p> <p>If two premade groups who clicked the check-box are in the queue at the same time, it would put them together.  Thus when the first premade group reaches the front of the queue, it would search the entire que and put them with the premade group longest in the queue that had checked the box. </p> <p>When the queue is very busy, this will likely result in less waiting for the premade groups, but honestly, in my pug experience, I would be very happy to wait a little longer to avoid a good premade group when pugging.</p> <p>When the queue is empty or nearly empty, this either won't do anything or it would have to hold premade groups for some amount of time waiting for another group to que up.  In which case it will either be meaningless or result in longer waits.</p> <p>As clicking the check-box is entirely voluntary by both parties, they can decline to do so if they would rather not wait, thus, for when the queue is empty, I thinking creating some kind of delay would be a good thing.</p> <p>Also, doing the reverse, creating a check-box asking to play in a weaker fight is a bad idea as it will be badly abused</p>