View Full Version : Unable to Access Character After Battlegrounds

03-04-2010, 05:20 AM
<p>Hi there.  After entering Battlegrounds, I was kicked to Character Select with an extra character on the selection screen named "Einadin_206" or something like that.  Well, after that I entered the game fine and played several rounds of Battlegrounds before camping in Qeynos Harbor.  So the next time I booted up the game, I decided "Well, I'll just delete this extra character since the other one is working fine and it must be a bug or something".  So I did, and now when I try to access my regular character it says something like "The server cannot find your character.  Please exit and re-run the patcher" or something like that.  I'm restarted the game several times to the same message.  I have petitioned, but I wanted to make this known.</p>