View Full Version : Need a bit more detail on the BG update Please

03-03-2010, 06:17 PM
<p>What is your definition of "recent activity".</p><p>Because we all know your definition of "recent activity" for getting kicked to character select is massive fail because it doesnt take tradeskilling into account.  Does running count, because last time I checked unless you run at 100 in that massive 24 vs 24, it takes a long time to get from point a to point b.</p><p>because in 2 out of the 3 BG maps, sitting and waiting for someone to come is what a lot of peoples jobs is.  Guarding flags... and if the other team sucks, then you are sitting there a while... then which of course opens up your team of complete random strangers to kick you if they want to.  I mean we are dealing with a bunch of immature kids for the most part, who would just find it hilarious to kick people for no good reason.   And dont forget you have people from the same server and many times the same guild on opposite teams... who would just love to exploit this to swap getting people kicked to get their guildmates / friends easier tokens.</p><p>How long does this "inactivity" have to last?</p><p>3 Votes needs to be changed... in the 6 v 6, sure 3 votes should be enough.  In the 24 vs 24... thats way too few.... </p><p>I wonder if anyone of the devs has actually ever played a FPS (which BG's is identical too)... when someone puts a vote to kick someone out of the game, and there are 24 random strangers... chances are, that 2 other people will just randomly vote "yes" because they think, "hey, if someone is voting to kick this guy, he MUST be afk"....</p><p>This is a very good idea in theory but has the potential to be exploited just like anything else.  People need to know how to combat this who are actually not afk but providing a "guarding" or "holding" position for the flags.... if someone is truely afk, then they cant "counter" what makes them inactive, but people who are there and who maybe just suck at the game or are confused or are guarding, need to know how to combat this "inactivity" that you didnt describe.</p>