View Full Version : You changed my key mapping

03-02-2010, 11:15 AM
<p>Or maybe I should title this: OM-MF-G, you defaulted my keybinding!</p><p>Yep, zone in and the 'S' key no longer moves me forward, but back.  I /load UI and then try the /options /load and nothing.  I have now been enlighted about a /save_keymaps <name> and /load_keymaps <name> command, but first I have to reset all my keymaps. </p><p>Yep, some of the keymapping stayed changed even after I finished and zoned out of the Battleground.  Some of the keymapping was changed on the other characters on my account.  I didn't notice this until I try to chat and all these windows started opening and my character was toggled to a walk.</p><p>It is going to take me days to sort out.  My, dare I say, intimate, connection to my characters has been ganked.  It has taken me days, months, really years, to figure which key works best for controlling my characters.  Now it's all jumbled.  I certainly didn't memorize it.  I find it really frustrating, even gamebreaking.</p><p>And it's a shame too.  This Battle-Ground feature is a complete imitation of a Warhammer Online feature that I miss so much.  I used to log in and immediately queue up for a scenario and have a lot of fun.  I am not a fan of Player-versus-player, but I enjoyed being a part of a battle. SOE could do a lot with Cross-Server instances.  They could be a lot of fun.  They need to be extended to lower levels.  And I would love to see quests send us to different ones.  Maybe even some unique Advancements could be developed...</p><p>But first you have to promise to lay off my keymapping!</p>