View Full Version : 1HS or 2HS?

03-01-2010, 04:44 PM
<p>Which is better as you progress through the levels? I'm thinking probably best to keep both maxed. Is the shield useful towards the higher levels?</p>

03-01-2010, 07:04 PM
<p>1handed slashing and 2h slashing both use the same skill so there is no need to skill them up separately.  As for which one is better, alot of it depends on the content you are fighting.</p><p>If you are leveling up via solo quest then I'd say use whatever will give you the best total blue stats.</p><p>If you are grouping and xping in dungeons, since you will be tanking, use a shield.</p><p>If you are killing alot of yellow and orange mobs, go 1hand and shield because you will miss more on the higher level mobs and a miss is alot more costly DPS-wise with a slow 2hander compared to a 1hander.</p><p>Personally I did the solo-quest route about 6 months ago and I was 1hand+shield most of the way because during the solo quest line in everfrost one quest late in the series gives a really nice tower shield as a reward (2 Double Attack plus other stats) and until you get into your 70s you won't find much of anything that is superior to that.</p><p>Also once you start getting a good number of AAs, there is an AA in the shadows tree that increases your base auto-attack damage when using a shield....it's a nice DPS bump but not worth getting until at a minimum you have the crit, DA and trample options in crusader tree along with smite evil in the paladin tree.</p>