View Full Version : Mentoring caused by BG's

03-01-2010, 01:38 AM
<p>This is an issue that is starting to become extremely annoying on pvp servers.  When you enter a bg in the 80-89 bracket obviously the game mentors you down to 80.  Thats fine.  But when you leave the bg the game leaves you flagged as being mentored at your own lvl. </p><p>Pve players probably havent even noticed this because all it would probably do is keep you from mentoring someone else until you unmentored yourself.  If you are lvl 85, you will leave the bg and be mentored to lvl 85.</p><p>The problem here is that on pvp servers mentored characters are not allowed to attack...at all..even if they are attacked first.  This means that pvp players returned to the wild after exiting a bg cannot attack or defend themselves until they unmentor.  Worst of all is that most players havent even figured this out or can just plain forget to unmentor every single time they exit a bg.  Especially if they are already waiting for another bg to queue up.</p><p>Just today I killed a templar who couldnt do anything but stand there and try to keep himself up with group heals because he forgot to unmentor.  Its becoming extremly irritating every time I'm flying around hunting pvp and suddenly realize I need to stop and stand still for 30 seconds while the guy I was chasing rides off into the sunset.</p>