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02-26-2010, 10:17 PM
<p>I know an official topic for this exists, but could not find it (noob), pls move this when u can.</p><p>A few things to note about BG's:</p><p>1. Mentoring - I am a lv88 lock on a pvp server, when I play in a BG I zone back out to the open world pvp enviroment but can not engage as I am still mentored to 80 despite not having any mentored info next to my name. Please fix this.</p><p>2. Group composition, very often it works great, but occasionally I get into a group with no healers or no tanks or too many of either. I was in a Klak BG earlier with 3 other mages and 2 bruisers, fortunatly we were up against a group of no ideas and destroyed them, but each group NEEDS atleast one healer, one tank and one dps class (unless prearanged ofc).</p><p>3. There should be some way to report people that are just not playing the game, they zone in and stand in one place movng around or jumping etc but not partaking, these people are obviously leeching and need tobe removed. Fortunatly I have only seen this twice, so hope its not a big problem, but best to mention it now.</p>