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02-25-2010, 09:16 PM
<p>There is really no point in pitting organized groups who queue vs. solo queuers.  If you have both group balance and coordination, you can't be stopped by a rag-tag band of random classes who probably aren't all even in voice chat.  Might as well just award them 3 tokens and save everyone the time of having to sit through the slaughter.</p><p>The fun of BG is that you have a level playing field for the 2 teams, rather than a bring-the-most-people-with-the-highest-levels gankfest that most open-world MMO PvP consists of.  However, in this case, the playing field is tilted so far by the advantages of balance and coordination that it is impossible-not just difficult-for one side to win.  When winning is impossible, there is no point in playing.</p><p>Exacerbating the problem is the fact that the group queuers get the BG gear first because they get 3 tokens unless going up against a similar opponent (which is very rare).  Thus, they have the additional advantage of top-end BG gear much ealier than solo players can get it - a "positive feedback" loop that makes an already insurmountable imbalance worse.</p><p>My suggestion is that solo players and group players should have their own queues.  Perhaps the group queues should award 1 extra token for victory as well, to add incentive to organize.</p>

02-26-2010, 01:48 AM
<p>I ran 20+ pug BGs today and only lost twice. I solo joined each game. Just try and communicate with your group and you should be fine. Ya there will be some Groups that will Roll you into the ground. But if it becomes such a big problem for you, maybe you could make some friends? </p>

02-26-2010, 02:06 AM
<p>I won with PUGs too, but never against a pre-made group.  How many pre-made groups did you win against with your PUG? That's right, 0.</p><p>Making the player change the way they play ("maybe you should just make some friends") instead of designing around the player's desires is often a sign of bad game design.  If the player has to prioritize actions/behavior that they don't enjoy, then you're probably not doing a good job of entertaining them. </p><p>If the intent is to make Battlegrounds viable in the long term for solo queuers, then this issue has to be resolved on the design side.  Eventually, soloers are going to leave the system (because they don't do well, because they are bored with it, because they put priority on PvE, because they were just trying it out, etc.), and there will be a higher concentration of pre-made groups.  That will create a situation that drives out even more soloers.  Some will group, yes, and some will stop playing BG altogether.  In either case, solo queueing will grow less and less viable than it is now and will eventually not exist at all.  That is a direct result of the queueing design, not something that can be fixed be me going and "making friends." </p><p>It is up to SOE to make their design choices (solo queueing) viable; it is not up to players to work around their design mistakes. </p><p>If BG becomes pre-made only, I won't play.  I don't want to put the time and effort into organizing; I want to play BG (and the game as a whole) casually.  You may say "BG isn't for you" - but you're wrong, because SOE says it is.  They just need to change the design so that it works properly.</p>

02-26-2010, 09:58 PM
<p>not trying to boast but pug's containing atleast 1 nagafen player have been rolling bluebie pre set groups all day  these guys see a nagafen player and stick to him no need for coordination they are already assisting him.  beein queing up solo for past 2 days and have only lost 1 match and it was me (nagafen) with a few unguilded bluebies against a pure nagafen raid guild group </p>

02-26-2010, 11:19 PM
<p>You should put in a 4minute? timer that counts down when the last person zones in so that any pick-up team can get each other on ventrillo or something since pre-mades are going in together ahead of time they already had free time getting ready so its fair for the pick ups as well.</p>