View Full Version : DCing while in a BG

02-25-2010, 09:04 PM
<p>So I got disconnected while in smugglers den. I come back and im not in a raid. My own team can kill me, so when they started Doing AoE's I got double the damage.</p>

02-26-2010, 12:24 AM
<p>So after a little bit of research and due to the fact I have comcast and they go down all the time. I have found out that DCing while In a BG can be an exploit. I am on the red team, And i DC, Now the entire red team can kill me, So Me and another person stay in a rez area and keeps on killing me every time i pop up, Which gives 5 points to the red team. So they can just farm me the entire fight.</p><p>However right now I cant really play smugglers den. For some reason I always DC and I have my own team and the other team coming after me. Not really fun at all dying after every rez.</p>