View Full Version : Pally heal question

11-17-2009, 11:57 AM
<p>I decided to play a paly because I heard good things about survivability even in soloing....</p><p>But the issue is when I go to heal or ward, by time the spell goes off I got hit for more than what it heals me for and sometimes it gets interupted so much I die healing...lol</p><p>What am I doing wrong...I am only level 32 so maybe that is the reason...But right now I survive longer if I never hit a heal.</p>

11-17-2009, 08:58 PM
<p>In short: start hitting the mob harder.</p><p>Our heals are to supliment our tanking ability; which means they reduce incoming damage but not stop it entirely. With better gear upgrades to spells and a good choice of AA you can self heal yourself and your group through easier instances.. but as you are leveling up none of those will be avialable to you.</p><p>What you need to do is engage the mob; use your stuns to good effect and just stick to the ward intially. In time and gear your heals will become more effective but keep in mind they are there to supliment our tanking not replace it and as such you'll always get hit for harder than you cna heal for.</p>

11-17-2009, 10:48 PM
<p>Sounds like you need more mittigation or you need to take on easier mobs. At 32, in a full set of faysteel armor you should be able to take on any single solo encounter without blinking. You should also be able to take on green heroic encounters if your careful.</p><p>Healing at your level is a desperation act. Before you engage, ward yourself. Then concentrate on killing the mobs before you die. If you have to heal, use lay on hands. If you find yourself needing to heal every fight...your probably taking on content your not ready for. Try going somewhere a little easier and maybe turning up the slider on the AA bar. Getting to the fighter bar in the Shadow AA can make a huge difference, the damage reduction AA helps a lot with solo content since its mostly low damage hits.</p><p>For getting enough AA spent to put points in the shadow line, I'd suggest concentrating on the crusader AA lines. Either stamina or strength should be first. After that, you can either do the other or agility/int (wis if you really want to try it). I think the paladin AA line can wait until the crusader tree is finished. Crusader gives you a lot, the paladin lines arn't quite so generous to begin with. When you do start into the paladin tree, its kind of a no-brainer. I'd recommend Wraths first to get smite evil. Its a really powerful zero power cost AE attack that works 98% of the time. After that either the support line for cure, or hero line for shield enhancement. If you really don't want the cure, then heal line. Healing is a gimick for paladins, in the end game cure will often help far more than enhancing our weak healing abilities. While your leveling? I'm not so sure, either could be good. Just remember you can try other AA builds later when the cost of a respec doesn't mean much to you anymore. </p>