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06-11-2009, 10:27 AM
<p>Hi, i'm playing a dark elf necromancer and i´m thinking on what god to follow.</p><p>Personally, at this point, i´ve torn between Innoruuk (dark elf, Innoruuk, pretty obvious choice there), Bertoxxulous (good for dps and stuff, also somewhat appropriate for a necromancer), and Anashti Sul (brough undeath to Norrath i think, always a plus, also, i got an odd fondness of evil goddesses, even though good ones tend to bore me.)</p><p>So, as i will be living in Neriak, and have no intention to move, what kind of justifications (in character) could/would i have for picking each one?</p><p>And how would the local priesthood react to it? (i assume it would be not pretty)</p><p>this is what i got thus far:</p><p>Innoruuk, default god of the dark elves, prince of hate, kinda obvious choice for a loyal Neriakan dark elf to worship.</p><p>Bertoxxulous, lord of diseases, ally of Innoruuk, would offer obvious and immediate rewards for a necromancer worshipping him, and i might avoid instant torture/execution in the hands of Innoruuks clergy.</p><p>Anashti Sul, kinda iffy choice, not an ally of Innoruuk, offers some rewards for a necromancer worshipping her, main attractiocs being her power over death/undeath, and the fact that the view up when prostrating myself before her would probably be nicer than with the other two. But i'm not fully happy with the way the quests ingame go, bit too touchy feely at times as i do intend to rp my necro as a selfish, evil sob who while loyal to Neriak (to a point), is in the end, in it for his own ends and his own benefit.</p>

06-11-2009, 10:58 AM
<p>Just from an rp point of view... as your leveling why not take Innorruuk and gain the altar (although a carpenter can make you one) and cloak.</p><p>Then when you get to be an appropriate level range where it might matter, give up on active worship of Inny (but keeping the cloak/altar for appearance sake) and then grind out Anashti Sul or Bert, while proclaiming your undying loyalty to Inny?</p><p>I'm in the same boat as you with my young necro (51). I went Inny of course, but once I nail 70 and get the cloak - I'm likely to follow another more potentially powerful diety.</p>

06-11-2009, 11:31 AM
<p>you know, that would be a pretty good suggestion, if i was actually worried only of the powers gained/looks.</p><p>but i was thinking more in line of how/if i could worship the other two in character, and still live in neriak and be reasonably loyal to my race/city.</p><p>i guess i was not clear enough on that part.</p>

06-11-2009, 12:13 PM
<p>worshipping anyone outside of Inny in Neriak is a bad idea. the clergy are fanatically devoted to him...which is why they are so adamantly opposed to a few of the Queen's rulings. although, also from an RP perspective, Bert and Anashti makes good points to the idea of necromancy. it depends on how your necromancer views his art.</p><p>Anashti considers unlife a 'gift'. you freed said person from pain and disease and death itself. this type of necromantic reslove may be more inline with Everling's type. the wish to bring back loved ones, see people free of pain and fear and death. I guess more of the altruistic/good side of the necromantic coin.</p><p>Bertox is more into necromancy as a way to inflict even more disease and death by said undead being carriers to plagues and disease. to Bert the undead and necromancy is more just a means to an end for the glory of pestilance.</p><p>Inny likes necromancy since in a few notable cases, the undead soldiers/mender in Danak and I think the smithy in Neriak...that these raised undead have thier mind intact, so to speak. and probably hate thier 'master' or thier 'condition' which helps build Inny's power. this kind of necro is the type that would kill and raise an enemy just to have him as a servant for his own amusement to make him do what he would have loathed to do in life.</p><p>Anashti still considers herself the 'prime healer' position, and doesn't like Bertox at all, and is bending her will to reclaiming the plane of health from Nife. So if you chose her, you'd definately have to hide your faith...as she's not an ally to either of them. Bert you might get away with in Neriak, much like wizards and such in Neriak used to get away with worship of Sol Ro in the Spurned. but that would be mroe of a 'you worship Innoruuk as your god, but you ask for patronage from X diety to increase your power to better serve Inny' So if your necro truly worhsipped Bert over Inny...he'd probably at least have to pay lip service to Inny if he didn't want to hide his faith.</p>

06-11-2009, 12:17 PM
<p>Dark Elf society tolerates those who worship other evil gods like Rallos Zek and Bertoxxulous, but they would shun you for doing so, because you wouldn't be devoted as much to Innoruuk, thier creator.</p><p>From a gameplay perspective, Anashti Sul would be the best choice for you to go.</p>

06-11-2009, 12:50 PM
<p>From a roleplay perspective, Innoruuk is <em>the</em> god of choice for a Dark Elf Necromancer. But from a gameplay perspective, Anashti Sul and Bertoxxulous are better choices (Anashti Sul's miracles and cloak are both better than Bertox's).</p>

06-11-2009, 02:16 PM
<p>Anashti thinks of herself as 'good' because she rewards her followers with eternal life.  If your necro has a similar mindset, I'd choose her.  But if he's the typical disease and damage-loving necro, I'd go with Bert.  Either way, I would probably RP hiding your actual choice and pretending to follow Inny (or Queen Cristanos, if you so desired) while in society.  After all, your status would go down if you publicly worshipped a different god...and if you're power hungry, status means a lot.  No reason the world needs to know where your true allegiances lie...</p>

06-11-2009, 03:12 PM
<p>Well it seems i'll go for Innoruuk then, he's most suitable in temperament and background.</p><p>thanks to for the help. <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p><p>(and is there any good sites to read up on lore and stuff? wiki is great for quests and stuff but i can't seem to find much lore on it)</p>

06-16-2009, 12:48 PM
<p>I have always looked at it this way...what is one of the most widespread traits regarding dark elves? Their multiplicity of course! They are masters of deception. Always making you think they are doing one thing while doing another in actuality. So to me I would not be surprised if many of them show their peers that they are fanatical worshippers of Unny whilst in some hidden backroom they also have a shirne to another diety as well. Would Inny like it? Probably not, but if said dark elf was working to foment hate through his nefarious deeds as well then what could Inny say or do? I am of th emindset that many of the races pay homage and follow the core tenets of their sociuetal dieites yet can still follow another that is more in tune with their daily activities. For example, my dark elven wizard secretly follows Solusek Ro for the advantages he gains to his spellcasting and closer affinity to the elements. My fae conjuror does the same, praising Tunare but she also follows Ro for the advantages gained etc. My high elven pally also pays respect to Tunare out of societal conventions but he is a fervent follower of Mithaniel Marr due to the circumstances that have occurred during his lifetiime. I could even see a secretly evil elven warlock paying homage to Tunare while secretly worshipping Berrty. These thing s are commonplace in fantasy novels and settings so put some thought into what best would fit your char and have fun with it, its your char and thats all that matters.</p><p>That's my 2 coppers, for what they're worth!</p><p>~K~</p>