View Full Version : Mistake on paladin 4 piece TSO fabled armor?

03-31-2009, 01:40 PM
<p>The "Also increases mitigation bonus by 5" is missing from the 4 piece TSO fabled set bonus.  What exactly did that bonus do since our dodge buff has nothing to do with mitigation?</p><p>Frankly, a 30 second reduction from 4 min 33 seconds to 4 min 03 seconds isn't going to do much at all in fights where the tank is being hit by raid mobs designed to one-shot them every 50 seconds.  While I think an improvement to paladin survivablity should be linked to a reduction in aggro, this is a pretty useless set bonus nonetheless (though the chance to avoid AoEs when a monk is FD still wins #1).  And while I personally didn't like the previous dodge buff set bonus, I could at least see how it would have some utility for instance groups when the tank would place it on the healer.</p><p>I would rather see a straight +5 mitigation increase (or +3 or whatever makes sense) so that once a raider acquires 4 pieces, they can change out of the legendary shard armor and wear the fabled gear without taking a mitigation hit by adding in two TSO pieces.</p>

03-31-2009, 04:14 PM
<p>On live my divine aura went from 16.2% healed to 20% healed!  WOW my 4-set increased the heal of my level 58 death save by 3.8%!  Are you guys kidding?  I opened threads on this days ago while it was on test, no dev response, I sent feedback from test server... nothing.</p><p>It's time to address the issues and not push nerfs to live.</p><p>The producer letter from this month had me believing that issues like an amazingly stupid design on a 4-set that is actually a tremendous nerf wouldn't get pushed to live.  Or at the very least there could be some discussion on the topic and maybe an acknowledgement that there might be an issue. </p><p>Enough games, fix this.</p>