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03-27-2009, 07:31 PM
<p><span style="text-decoration: line-through;">I test copied a fresh character over.  All our TSO patterns are getting slight upgrades on mitigation, and a 5 set +500 HP bonus has been added.  Here is the bad news...</span></p><p><strong> Worse news... This is now live.</strong> </p><p>1) Our 4 set bonus has been changed AGAIN!  We now get <strong>"Increase healing of Divine Favor and decrease reuse by 30 seconds"</strong>!!!!!  This is TERRIBLE, regardless of what you guys thought of the previous 4 set, +10 base heals while you're OTing on a OT or MT healer was 1000x better than this.  </p><p>Without 4 set my Divine Favor healed for 21% and reuse was 4m 31s in my aa spec.  With the 4 set it changes to 26% and 4m 03s recast.  So our TSO 4 set, which is plenty hard to get now grants a 5% healing increase to a <strong>LEVEL 58</strong> spell.  Keep in mind Divine Favor on test was reverted back and doesn't include it's previous stone skin, and still stifles and dazes you.  This is an absolute joke. </p><p>2) lets take a real look at the new fabled patterns from the x2 zone.  The TSO (Zealous Voidbeam and Volcanic Knight are not equal in terms of their set bonuses.  The level of difficulty and skill required to even aquire a 4 set bonus on the TSO set is amazing.  Many players will never see even the 4 set bonus, let alone the 5 or 6 set.  The TSO patterns are the premier armor set here, and their set bonuses and stats should reflect that.      - TSO set bonuses are: 2)reduce refusal of atonement by 20s, 4) increase healing of death save by 5%, 5)+500hp, and 6) +10 mitigation increase.       - Volcanic Knights set bonuses are: 2)+30 int, +30 wis, 3) when you are damaged you taunt for 300, 5) +7 mitigation increase, 7) +750 HP.</p><p>Regardless of how many pieces of the Volcanic Knights armor you get the TSO armor should always be better and give better set bonuses.  If you're giving the x2 patterns +750 hp then the TSO armor should at least get the same.  In addition, the 3 set bonus on the Volcanic needs to be added back to the TSO armor.  This shouldn't even be up for discussion.  Adding it to the TSO armor, but then removing it and giving it to the x2 armor is crazy.  This effect would be tremendously useful in high end raiding and likely too powerful for the Volcanic Knight set if the TSO set isn't getting it.</p><p>So lets seriously think about the 4 set bonus for a moment.  Obviously the current live 4 set is better.  So what about the test 4 set?  What could make it better?  Right off the bat I would say that changing divine favor back to a 3 attack stoneskin with no daze stifle is obvious.  That needs to be done anyway.  But if we can't add that to live regardless of need, then make it the 4 set bonus.  Make the 4 set add a 3 attack stone skin + remove daze stifle effects.  That's logical, +5% healing is not.  Or, if the spell does get changed back to it's previous test version then you could make the 4 set add an additional trigger or two of stone skin, or maybe more than a 5% increase in hp healed.  Either way though, I'm not sure I agree with our T8 4 set bonus affecting a T6 spell that isn't really that great because of it's stifle component.  Don't get me wrong, the death save is awesome, especially when OTing and having to pick up a mob very quickly.  When picking up a mob to save the raid and then having the death save proc and stifle me because my healers weren't ready or paying attention, that's no fun and can do a lot of harm if I can't cancel it quickly.</p><p>Finally I want to through this one out there.  Currently both the Volcanic Knight's and TSO armor has 40 haste on the gloves.  This of course means pretty much everyone will have 40 haste in about 2 months.  How does that make sense?  Where is the reward for diving deeper into raid zones if all you're doing is breaking even on some stats?  Even a 5% haste increase on the TSO armor is logical.</p><p>From the looks of this we need to get the ball rolling on discussion again, this would be absolutely terrible if this new 4 set went live.  So devs please pay attention to this thread, this will be important.</p>

03-27-2009, 08:07 PM
<p>I actually made a post about this in In Testing Feedback, you should post in that thread as well as several others have and you seem to be on the same page with your ideas.</p><p><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=446662" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=446662</a></p>

03-27-2009, 08:31 PM
<p>This is my take on the situation and the feedback I provided in the thread in testing feedback:</p><p><span >I really feel this bonus was added while the test divine favour was active, things are designed a while before we see them so I really think that this was designed one day while divine favour was in it's more usefull form.</span></p><p>A mistake has been made in my opinion. </p><p>There are two things that really need to be addressed for this to be a viable 4 set bonus.  Firstly please bring back the intended divine favour this was designed for.  Secondly please look at how long raid fights actually last, the maximum named fights I am seeing at the moment are arround 8 mins, please let the recast reducer reflect this more somewhat and base the recast on it giving you an extra save per mob rather than how it stands which is you get to use the spell once per raid named.  A 30 second reducer makes no difference per encounter and that is the most important factor here so looking at it from that angle it is pointless.  The only way there would be a reason for a recast reducer is to allow it to save twice per raid mob which leads to a reducer of arround 1:30 to 2min.  (Remember it is a 5 min recast spell)</p><p>Its like the recast reducer on the Paladin chest peices for our big heal.  I can't understand it as on a per encounter basis this makes no sence appart from a very small minoririty of raid encounters that last longer.</p><p>Personally I would really like to see something more in line with what Paladins do to help them stay alive with these set bonuses.  I really would like to see the 2 set improve the ward prayer in some way.  And I would like to see the 4 set improve the single and group heals we get in some way, I did suggest in another thread that the 4 set add a ward to the two heals I mention, for example a 30% of heal value ward added to each heal as the 4 set bonus.  I still see heal interrupts a problem to be honest in raid encounters, by the time you get a heal off somtimes you have lost the benifit of them as your healers (who are not getting hit) have you at 100%.  A ward on the heal at least allows some wiggle room for the whole mob hitting you vs interupts vs it being benificial to cast a heal.</p><p>Regards</p><p>Kahling</p>

03-27-2009, 08:41 PM
<p>Whichever thread we discuss this in, can we keep it respectfull and constructive, for a raiding Paladin this is probably the most important issue we have in TSO.</p><p>With the new relationship the devs are going to have with the player base its important that we don't just start cussing each other out here.</p><p>I would also ask that you state with your feedback what your playstyle is.  I really feel perspective of the feedback is important.</p><p>For example - my feedback above is based on me being the main tank in a riading guild that can just recently aquire 4 items of the TSO set armour.  I will be using this 4 set to try help us progress to the mobs after this, and I also hope aquiring the armour will make the mobs before aquiring the 4 set easier.</p><p>I am not saying by the way that anyone who feels they have constructive feedback should not post, please post if you think its relevant.</p><p>Regards</p><p>Kahling</p>

03-31-2009, 04:18 PM
<p>BUMP!</p><p>Guess what?!?!</p><p>They ignored this thread and pushed it live anyway, grats raid paladins on the most worthless 4-set we've had since TSO lauched.</p><p>Time to fix this devs, get to it.</p>

03-31-2009, 10:43 PM
<p>heh whats the use of a 7 set bonus when the devs conviently left out the 7th peice STILL.</p>

04-01-2009, 04:31 AM
<p>This thread is not directed towards the joke that is fabled x2 raid zone drops that compete with tso raid sets.  We're talking about the 4-set bonus on the Zealous Voidbeam armor.</p><p>Btw, I believe the x2 zone drops the bracers pattern itself.</p>