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01-31-2009, 02:21 PM
<p>Many guilds are starting to use SK's as the MT's of the Raid. Why wouldn't they? They're AoE tanks with more defensive capability's than single target tanks and the ability to hold both multi and single target hate effectively.</p><p>Divine Aura</p><p>SK Tsunami</p><p>Improved SK Mythical Divine Aura</p><p>Couple Thousand Unconscious HP</p><p>Death Prevention</p><p>Immunity or swift recovery from most control effects through the use of Death March and AoTC.</p><p>Single stoneskin like a Paladin except it does massive hate and dps.</p><p>The ability to effectively hold both Single Target and Multi Target Agro.</p><p>What SoE, or Aeralik in general seem to be overlooking is the fact that while AOE Tanks are able to hold AoE Hate, they are easily able to hold Single Target Hate as well through the same ability's. Meanwhile Single Target Tanks are being made so that holding AoE hate is an impossible task, especially if under any control effect.</p><p>Aeralik's latest response to this is that AoE tanks have to use more power? What kind of joke is that? EQ2 is game with multiple ability's and items that make power regeneration a complete and total joke. Power is not going to be an issue for these tanks.</p><p>Considering that I assume he knows at least that much about this game. You can assume we will see more power drains from the mob's we are going to be facing. However, That will be detrimental to single target tanks as well, especially Paladin's.</p><p>Paladin's now generate more hate with heals (even know it is barely noticiable, thats what they say we do), So, a Paladin must taunt, put out dps, and heal in order to generate their maximum amount of hate. I've been on test, i've been using these ability's and can say without a doubt that it is extremely tough on power to do so. So simply giving mob's multiple power drains won't fix anything.</p><p>The Dev Team must realize the problems that they are creating with their updates.</p><p>Paladin's are in desperate need of Passive Hate. Casting 1 single target taunt while under control effects is not going to save our groups.</p><p>Paladin's are a distant third if not fourth in terms of survivability. While Guardian's have multiple Stoneskins, SK's have possibly even more defense than them, and Zerkers have a stoneskin and their new Rage that reduces damage done to them, Paladin's are supposed to do what? Heal through the damage with our 1.5k heals?</p><p>I'd like Aeralik to tell us how its even remotely possible for a Paladin to tank Outer Stronghold, let alone raids, once the update goes into effect. Tell me Aeralik, how am I to control the hate of 2 encounters at once, containing around 15 mob's that all have stun and stifle effects? With my single target taunt that I can cast while stunned/stifled?</p><p>Time and again, you prove that you know nothing about the Tanks in this game. Try rolling one before you destroy a game you know nothing about.</p>

01-31-2009, 05:51 PM
<p>Post it once again, but anywhere in Testing Feedback section. Create a new topic or write in one of existing, b/c Aeralik scarcely reads class sections, especially during testing of GU. But you are right, we have a lack of survivability.</p>

01-31-2009, 07:08 PM
<p>try /feedback and join the queue.</p>