View Full Version : Thoughts on New Amenities for Guild Halls.

10-13-2008, 11:45 AM
1.) Guild only broker.   This would be a broker in which guildies could put items for sell that only other guildies could buy.  Example would be food,  Totems, Arrows, etc.  Right now my guild makes these items and then put them in guild bank and the person in need just removes them.  This way if it costs 2.5 gold to make a food item then you could put it for sell on the guild broker for 2.5 and recoup the cost of the item.  2.) Entertainers.  Some of the NPC's actually dance and do the jig.  Why not have NPC's that would perform, sing, dance, play instruments and that while you watch them in the guild hall you could receive a buff of some sort that would help you to be more motivated.  This type of option would be available to all people visiting the guild halls to receive such a buff.  The longer you listen the longer the buff would last.  Example would be listen for 10 minutes and BUY A DRINK and from the bartender and you gain a bonus to in combat speed of say 5.  Listen for 20 minutes and it would be 10.  Just as an example.  Buying the Drink would result in the cost of the purchase price going into Guild Hall Escrow.  It could be opened up to the public so that non guilded members would be willing to visit guild halls and participate in events in the hall.3.) Guild Hall Bulletin Board.  On this board you could post messages to Visitors and Guild memebers alike.  Visitors could click on it and see the message...recruting XXX or Welcome to our guild, please look around and feel at home.  Guildies could see the Moto as well as other pertinent information pertinent to guild members.  Visitors would not see guild only messages when they looked at the boards.4.) Chefs.  NPC's that sold food and drink for a somewhat reduced price that would assist in the recovering of Vitality.  This would and could work in conjunction with the above entertainers.  The money for this sell would go into guild hall coffers and the resulting eating of food would result in the increase in vitality.  Thus a visitor or Guildy could buy the food, eat it and listen to the entertainer for 10 minutes to gain 10 percent vitality.  Buying 10 drinks and 10 meals would result in regaining a full 100 percent vitality but would require one to be in the hall for at least 100 minutes doing such.  What would prevent AFK is that you would have to purchase the items every 10 minutes for a price established by the guild hall every 10 minutes.   This could be subject to adjustment.  These same features could be available in towns but at a higher price so that players are encouraged to visit guilds to partake of this.The higher the tier, the more elaborate the entertainment could be.These are just ideas.  I would be interested in more ideas on amenities.

10-13-2008, 12:46 PM
Like all those ideas.The guild only broker was something that was in the list to be done already, but I think there were some issues with it and it was shelved for now.I like the ideas with the chef and entertainers, providing some unique functionality to halls.

10-13-2008, 01:02 PM
How about a Raid Practice Simulator or Room, like a danger room or Holo Practice Room for Raid practices before the guild tried the real thing?

10-13-2008, 01:10 PM
From a fluff standpoint, the entertainers could work like the music boxes, and be able to play music from different zones as your guild hall music.

10-13-2008, 01:15 PM
So we've been using extra guards with different mannequines to make Other types of NPC's with the exception of the purpose title <Hall Guard> below their name it looks pretty good.