View Full Version : Mob disarm attacks and effects from weapons

10-12-2008, 10:07 AM
Apparently GU49 brought a change to the way the game handles effects on items when you remove them, such that the effects are removed.  I understand this was an issue with some set bonuses that modified existing spells.  People would equip enough of the set to get the bonus, cast a persistent buff, then remove the pieces to go back to what they usually wore.  However, this has produced an issue with weapons and mobs that disarm as part of their attack.I was in RE2 with a conjuror, both of us with our mythical weapon.  We were fighting Slamhammer, who disarms the group as part of his routine.  Disarm hits.  The conjuror's Master IV pet disappears.  My Possess Essence pet disappears.  I believe my buff on the tank from my mythical disappears.  Is this really intended?  The same thing happened when fighting jungle quatcha, so it isn't just named that have this ability.