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10-10-2008, 02:53 PM
I just started playing. I played at the release, and didn't like the game. Played about 30 other mmorpgs and none of them felt at home. Here I am in 2008 and I come back to EQ2 and love this game. I know I missed the bang wagon and the game isn't as populated. I play on the Antonia Bayle server so I didn't really have a problem finding groups by the time I got to level 25ish. I'm sure this is different on less populated servers. So for 1 why not merge some servers? <b>Do what WoW does and put a "recommended" server for servers lacking a community.</b> WoW has a unique server friendly system, I have toons spread acrossed various of realms. I always go to the "recommended"servers because thats where everyone plays, and we all play together to end game. EQ2 is lacking that type of system. Kind of force a server on players to go to, give them a reason to goto it. Maybe have a recommended server and as long as it's recommended make xp X2. This will encourage people to make alts on this server and they will all play through the game together. Understand what I'm saying? If you play WoW you know what I mean.Go on a "Highly populated" server on WoW and the starting zones are barren, completely empty. Everyone is at end game. It's so empty and lonely. Then goto the recommended servers and the game world is florishing with peoples alts because people know if they make an alt on their home server it will be empty, but if they make an alt on a recommended server there will be players around to do instances with.A system like that would be amazing. Anyway, back to EQ2. So I was finding groups regulary, but now I'm afraid I won't find them at all since the game is so easy to solo now. And if you're going to lower XP why not make enemies harder to kill to force grouping? People can make friends on this game, even if there is no one else around your level there are plenty of players that will help.My point is in this thread, give people a reason to make alts and keep the starting zones populated, don't just cut it out. Please, this game is so unique and fun.

10-10-2008, 03:00 PM
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