View Full Version : What happened to the stun line?

10-07-2008, 03:33 AM
<p>EQ1 paladins have 3 lines of spells that we do not have in EQ2. </p><p>The "flash" line of spells is completely missing. Considering that this is one of the very early spells paladins receive in EQ1 its absence in EQ2 is rather mysterious. Flash there blinds the target making it unable to cast spells on its target, making it rely on melee attacks at a reduce hit rate. In other words, EQ1 paladins have an ability equivellent to stiffle. Admittedly only for short durations, but any stiffle is good.</p><p>Something that is hinted at in EQ2 is the stun line from EQ1. Paladins have 3 attack lines that interrupt the target, and cause brief stuns. While this is a nod to the stun lines from EQ1 there are 2 problems with that sort of thinking. First, the duration of the stuns are rather short. Maybe that is fitting in with the timers associated with some of the fast cycle attacks the are on, but paladins in EQ1 had significantly more stuns to cast and so overall kept their mobs stunned longer in duration per fight. The second consideration is that EQ2's paladins share 2 of those same stun abilties with all of the other shield using fighters! Kick is common amongst all fighter classes. Shield bash is common amongst all the shield users. This leaves a single nuke with an interupt as our "eq1 heritage stun". It isn't even a stun! It is an interrupt with a long cast timer.</p><p>The third spell line we are "missing" is hardly worth mentioning, but it is a buff line (castable on others) that gives +HP and power regen. It was added late in the paladin build, and probably isn't really suitable for transfer to EQ2.</p><p>I would like to request that paladins be given 2 stun lines of spells, and 1 stiffle line of spells to further define what it is to be a paladin. This would give us better mob-management abilites without increasing our DPS and give us a more pro-active role that can be useful even in situations where we are not tanking. One of the stun lines could be a proc on group members being hit (not the paladin), giving us a more protective nature and less of an offensive characteristic for the new stuns, though this may be better as a third stun.</p>

10-07-2008, 02:03 PM
<p>Yeah, but on the other hand the EQ1 stuns generated LOTS of aggro, in fact TONS of aggro, and was the only means to keep the mob interested on you. Lots of the stuns were even resisted in EQ1, but even resisted stuns gave aggro, thus they were generally more aggro generating, then stunning.</p><p>Now we have amends, sigil, holy ground doing this job...</p>