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10-03-2008, 10:21 PM
<p>Hello everyone,</p><p>I am playing a Paladin with a fury combo.  We can't ever seem to land a heroic opportunity that lets the two of us land a skill in before finishing.  I do know that when I used to group with a paladin friend of mine with my conjuror, I'd have him press the heroic opportunity button and I would immediately use lightning bolt to get the opportunity started.  Then the two of us each got to use a skill to finish the opportunity and things were great.  I can't seem to get that going with this fury.  Are we doing something wrong?</p><p>I know I might not be explaining this very well with the proper verbage, but I hope you guys can help me with what I've said.</p>

10-04-2008, 01:59 AM
I don't duo with my Warden, I tend to do full or almost full groups. I've noticed that as a healer I don't pay attention to Heroic Opp's at all, I just worry about keeping my group healed and occasionally drop a nuke on whatever we're fighting.

10-04-2008, 06:48 AM
<p>You have to wait a sec so the other player can finish his part. If a fighter start a HO then a healer should be able to finish but not if the fighter makes another attack straight away. At least that is my experience when duoing as a cleric with a pally.</p><p>When duoing with a scout it is best if the healer starts the HO. </p><p>When soloing as a healer I always use HO to improve dps and if lucky get the increase power result.</p><p>Edit: Think this HO guide is still valid: <a href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&file=index&func=display&ceid=584&meid=224" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/index.p...84&meid=224</a></p>