View Full Version : Difficulties (bug?) targeting something across different sectors.

09-26-2008, 08:18 AM
<p>Sometimes you cannot target a player or mob that is in a neighboring sector despite of a clear line of view. That is extremely annoying.</p><p>Let me explain by an example:</p><p>When Druushk is being tanked right in front of his lair on the little plain with the big columns to the left and right and you are standing on the gangway with the statues to click (but still near Druushk), you cannot target anything where Druushk is being tanked. No player and no droag add. You have to step up into that other sector in order to target anything in it. OK, you can log on huge Druushk by tabbing from the lower sector, but you cannot target a "small" droag add or a player by mouse clicking or tabbing from that lower sector.</p><p>Is it because of an invisible (but passable) wall that devides those sectors? Is that invisible wall an obstacle for the mouse cursor?</p><p>Could those and similar sectors (in VP and other zones) please be revised or given a look at?</p>