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05-30-2008, 02:21 PM
Well, i left the game last August due to a few changes and really just a bit of burn-out. After playing WoW since then and dealing with the arena system and now deciding AoC isn't exactly my bag, i've come back to EQ2 with my wife. We managed to get to 66 with a couple of duos last time around in the game, but i had a couple of questions for those still playing or people in a similar situation. I think we left off duo'ing mainly the poet's palace. What has changed since last year and what can i expect to be able to accomplish with our duo of 66 berserker and fury? We also have a duo of melee inquisitor and berserker. (can you tell she likes berserkers?)We have a few more characters scattered beyond 30s and 40s such as a coercer, a warden, a dirge, etc. from when we were running  full guild pvp group that we can take up as well. Have they fixed drops for masters in the 50s and 60s? I know i had a hell of a time finding any when we left, at least in our duo. The poet's palace seemed to be pretty stingy when it came to dropping masters as well. Have they addressed this at all?Regardless, we're going to hang around and make the best of it here on Nagafen for a while and see what we can do.thanks for any responses,-Typhoid

05-30-2008, 03:02 PM
<p>Welcome back! Well, there have been 8 GU's since then and lots of smaller ones. Plus RoK came out in November so the level caps jumped to 80 and you've got 40 more AA's to play with after level 70. New mounts and such. Here are some linkies to the GU notes for you. </p><ul><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=381798" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #38, September 12th, 2007</a> </li><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=387273" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #39, October 17th, 2007</a> </li><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=392676" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #40, November 13th 2007 - Rise of Kunark</a> </li><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=398808" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #41: Wednesday December 12th, 2007</a> </li><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=406084" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #42: Wednesday February 6th, 2008</a> </li><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=409986" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #43: Tuesday March 4th, 2008 </a></li><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=414136" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #44: Tuesday April 8th, 2008</a> </li><li><a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=417756" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Game Update #45: Tuesday May 13th, 2008 </a></li></ul><p>Some highlights... Crafted armor and weapons have received nice upgrades you'll want to check out thanks to the ever-popular Domino. <img src="/eq2/images/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY<img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />" width="15" height="15" /> Coercers got some much needed lovin' in GU45 so your baby coercer will be a bit deadlier now. We have epic quests now for level 80 adventurers and crafters. New dieties. I believe Naggy had a slight population increase with folks running over from Venekor (just observations from reading forums here). </p><p>As to the duo stuff I can't say much since I solo a lot. You can move to Kylong Plains in the high 60's though, if that helps. </p>