View Full Version : Guild class requirements....what do guilds want?

05-28-2008, 07:41 AM
I was talking to a guy today in chat and mentioned that I would be interested in perhaps moving to a guild that raids more and higher level area. He was showing me his shard of hate and some other shard. Very nice. Anyways, he asked me what class I was. I told him I was a 78 necro. He basically said good luck. He said that most guilds that raid regularly don't need a lot of necros. One or two will actually do. He said my odds of getting in would be pretty slim. He suggested the following in order of desirability:inquisitorfurydirge illusionistI realize that the needs of guilds vary but he stated very matter of fact that raid guilds need mostly utilitarian classes. Would you guys agree? While I really do like my necro and wish that a guild needed that, I am a realist and wouldn't mind leveling another toon if I stood a better chance of getting in. So a couple of questions. One, give me your top 5 classes that are needed in order of need. Secondly, if anyone has an opinion about a class that might be fun. Somehow, just standing there healing people doesn't seem very appealing if you know what I mean. Thanks in advance.

05-28-2008, 11:25 AM
<p>Impossible question to answer, really.  Every guild has different needs.</p><p>For example, the guild you are talking to needs furies.  That's extremely unusual, since furies are as common as flies on most servers.</p><p>Necros can be very useful on raids, as they cast hearts and can battle rez.  But most dedicated high-end raiding guilds only need one or two, and since necro is a fairly common class, they don't have any trouble filling that requirement.</p><p>As a general rule, you'll find raiding guilds looking for bards, shaman, and enchanters.  These are the lower dps end of their respective archetypes and tend to play better in groups than solo.  This results in there being far fewer of them at the high levels, and they are consequently going to be in higher demand.</p><p>I'd suggest you look around at all the high-end raiding guilds on your server and see if any are accepting necros.  By the time you'd get another class built up to level/AAs, they'd probably be looking for something else.</p>