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05-27-2008, 11:30 PM
Since i started in ROK i have the strange feeling that my two slows have muc less impact than before. So i wondering if i m indeed wasting time when i debuf in group.I  mostly go  for ancient cry line (decrease mitigation), the linked-group slow and the single target slow. If the fight is expected to last longer i may add eldolion (secrease stamina) line and sadnest line (decrease dps). Till Rok i had no doubt, with the ancient cry line monster were dropping fasterand slowed monsters were doing much less damage. i m Wondering if anyone did enough experiment to hide the random noise and conclude. It's quite hard to evaluate the impact of shaman debufs since in a group with scout or enchanters monsters may be chain stunnedor debuffed in other ways. In that particular case the shaman just lost hist time slowing.You may end up thinkig your slow is bad becausewhen it landed the rogues stuns  got resisted and the monstr did a lucky crit while in the preceding fight your slow got resisted but the monster got stun locked and missed a lot. Data from the spells do not help, reducingattack speed by 27 does not mean anything .. is the monster attack speed 27 000 (so my slow is 1%) is it 28 (so my slow is close to 100% i m a GOD) i have no idea.The same hold for mitigation, what means decreasing mitigation against ZZ damage when i don't know the initial monster mitigation? Moreover even if knew that i would not even know what mitigation means. What is 500 mitigation against elemental ? a naive answer would be it remove 500 dmage from any attack but it's certainly not that - mitigation is almost certaily linear not constant.

05-31-2008, 02:15 AM
<p>There are tons of posts explaining how mitigation and mitigation buffs works, use the search function. But in a nutshell, mobs do not mitigate damage, you hit for what your spells say they will hit for. When you lower their mitigation you increase the amount of damage that the spells/ca's of the debuffed mitigation hit for by a given percentage depending on mob level. 500 mitigation on a level 50 mob may be 20% more damage where 500 mitigation on a level 80 mob may be 5% more damage(made up numbers). Like I said this has all been hashed out in great detail in other posts.</p><p>Mobs typically don't have attack speed buffs so it can be said that their attack speed modifier is 0%; meaning that they attack 0% faster than what their weapons "display" to them. An attack speed debuff of 27 decreases the mobs attack speed by 1/1+.27 or around 21%. It is actually a bit more than that due to the diminishing returns curve. The lower you are on it the bigger the effect/point is, so you may be debuffing by 25% or so. So if a mob was hitting once ever 3 seconds he will now be hitting once ever 3/.75 or, or 4 seconds. If you were to have a 100% slow, that would mean that mobs would be hitting(roughly) half as often; 1/(1.00+1.00). In actuality it would be more like 1/(1.00+.90) due to the diminishing returns curves. I am assuming that attack speed debuffs work the same as attack speed buffs, only in reverse so i could be mistaken.</p><p>Shaman debuffs are nice, but mobs die so fast in heroic content you are kind of wasting your time throwing out those debuffs. Better off doing damage except on boss encounters that may take more than 20 seconds to kill. Debuffs are a necessity in raid content however.</p><p>And yeah if you are playing with an illusionist, they can singlehandedly stun/daze lock a mob for 24 seconds and the tank will never even take a hit, so debuffing attack speed is pointless.</p><p> Iago</p>

05-31-2008, 02:03 PM
Thanks ... so 27 is in first approximation close to 25% ... On non boss i usually slow while the mob get pulled and moves (before if it's not a body pull) , if the group has high dps i follow with combat arts and it's dead .. if the group dps is lower i may toss my  mitigation debuf.I do not use my 4 debuf often, sometimes on the final boss of an instance if he is yellow or more.