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01-12-2008, 12:33 PM
<p> i play aon a pvp server so im posting here..</p><p>i had a idea the other day about MC armor.</p><p>it would be cool if the crafter could build the armor how he wants, or to the specs of another player..</p><p>each lvl of MC armor could be given a number of points to spend on creating it...  it would allow peeps to choose the stats the go on it and how much of each stat.. ( all stats should be available ) resists should be the same.. choose what ones u want and spend points to raise it to where u want ., or can afford in points. maybe add other things like additional spell dammage , additional healing , additional crit chance, additional protection from a type of melee dammage, or even out of combat speed bonuses, OOC health / power gain. etc.</p><p>they could have the same armors they curently have but add 1 ea type (ie. cloth, chain, plate) or armor for each lvl or MC, that can be modified or built... call it spec armor? </p>

01-12-2008, 12:58 PM
<p>as another thought,  why not let the crafter choose color and texture or the armors.. it would be cool to have 3 color options, 1) base color, 2) highlight color, 3) detail color(for outlines or other details in the armor)</p><p>maybe add some patterns for example : nothing to elaborite (such as painted scales) and add the possibility of putting visibal dammage scarrs on it.. ( scratches, burn marks, frost marks, chips and dings)   </p><p>this game tends to try to alow peeps to have individuality in making chars and using appearences, so this would allow peeps to customize there char to a greater extent..</p>