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01-10-2008, 02:52 AM
I need some help here understanding what happened here...We're a group of five.  Three of us mentored down to under 50 in a 10 lvl range zone.  Several 80ish are grouped with someone yellow to us.  Except Yellow they're all well out of our mentored lvl range.  Yellow drops groups and attacks the two unmentored characters.Ok, so mentored, we're not supposed to be able to engage in any sort of PVP, but group buffs and heals seem to work.  So while I can't directly engage, I can, in a limited way aid my friends.  After a prolonged fight Yellow dies.  While reviving and rebuffing Yellow, the 80s then engage in some creative pet naming apparently hoping to provoke us into attacking them while they're more than 30 levels above our current level.  Yellow once again attacks my friends.  Having gotten the idea that by aiding my friends I was in their eyes being cheap, this time, I didn't help.The parse shows that I didn't heal at all.This is where it gets odd.  Yellow dies again.  I don't know how it happens, but suddenly my friends are now able to be attacked by the group of 80s.  The log shows there was no hostile action.  Soandso and Whatserface are my group mates.  Yellow and RED should be self explanatory as the other group.<span style="font-family: courier new,courier;">(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow's Thorns hits Soandso for 13 piercing damage.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Soandso takes reprisal damage!(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Soandso's Frenzy hits Yellow for 178 crushing damage.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow was interrupted!(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow regains their wits.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow starts to feel whole again.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow regains their wits.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow regains their wits.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] The spirit of the wolf leaves Yellow.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow's wound begins to heal.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Soandso has killed Yellow.(1199937585)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:45 2008] Yellow is struck by a frenzy of attacks.(1199937587)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:47 2008] Whatserface's Heal heals Whatserface for 634 hit points.(1199937587)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:47 2008] Whatserface's wounds begin to heal on their own.(1199937589)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:49 2008] Yellow is drained by Revived Sickness of 2542 points of power.(1199937589)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:49 2008] The spirit of the wolf leaves you.(1199937589)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:49 2008] Soandso's Lambent Rejuvenation heals Soandso for 38 hit points.(1199937593)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:53 2008] Soandso's Lambent Rejuvenation heals Soandso for 38 hit points.(1199937595)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:55 2008] RED begins to command the elemental spirits.(1199937597)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:57 2008] Soandso's Lambent Rejuvenation heals Soandso for 38 hit points.(1199937598)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:58 2008] RED warns that Whatserface is approaching.(1199937598)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:58 2008] RED's Starshower hits Whatserface for 1966 heat damage.</span>As this point, my friends dead from an apparently cheap move, another mentored friend summons a snarky-named pet ... which puts him into combat with the reds, and they killed him.<b>How did my friends become attackable in the first place?</b>  In the log above, only the names were changed.  Then how would summoning a pet when everyone in our group involved in the combat is dead put someone that isn't supposed to be able to engage in PVP because they're mentored into combat??I am sure there are a few out there that will cry out and say "Go back to a blue server!"  The issue here is not that I don't want to PVP.  I enjoy PVP and have died my fair share of times.  I try not to use cheap tactics, I'm not the corpse humping type, and even when the fight is uncertain, I'll try it.  I could care less about my title. My frustration is over mechanics that don't work as advertised.  The loophole that allows me to heal while mentored needs to be fixed and until it is, I will refrain from exploiting it.  Unfortunately, there are too many people that intentionally exploit (not saying that's what happened here) but it still felt like somebody cheated and we were the victim.  It sucks to get the short end of an exploit, intentional or not.I have the full logs available if anybody thinks they might have some idea of what could have possibly happened.  I can't find it though ...Calla Fragilistic76 WardenVenekorAs a little bit of background, they were there just for us, yes.  Yellow tried attacking my friends before any mentoring happened.  It's not exactly clear to me why.  He would've seen that they were non-agro and ^.  We killed him.  He revived, rebuffed and attacked us again.  We killed him again.  We then mentored in front of him and went about our business.  More than 30 minutes later, he and his group show up.In the end, I hope they feel good about finding a way to get greys to be agro to them.

01-10-2008, 04:24 AM
<p>Well... while mentored you can not engage in any type of PvP activity.  So yes, your heals were landing.  But only on the other mentored players, not the ones engaged in PvP.  So, don't feel bad about using cheap tactics.  You never did.</p><p>The red.. the only thing I can think of is that just before the yellow engaged you again, he was reinvited to group with the reds.  That is how they can attack you, if you hit their group member.  It is cheap and it is a form of baiting that I thought was not used much anymore.</p>

01-10-2008, 09:12 AM
The log shows that the group heals were landing on everyone that was below full health, including the unmentored players.They may have re-invited Yellow but not until after he died.  They couldn't have until he died, he was engaged in PVP.  The log is as posted above.  Nobody hit them.  Somehow we entered into combat with their group....I might have found it.  RED was trying to cast on Yellow.  As Yellow died perhaps red succeeded enough to be engaged in combat with us?  I do recall seeing the SoW animation flash on Yellow as he died.  *sigh*  (If this buff had landed it would have been followed by 'Yellow begins to move faster' but it wasn't in any case.)<span style="font-family: courier new,courier;">(1199937192)[Wed Jan 09 22:53:12 2008] RED calls the spirit of the wolf....(1199937213)[Wed Jan 09 22:53:33 2008] RED calls the spirit of the wolf....(1199937541)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:01 2008] RED calls the spirit of the wolf....(1199937581)[Wed Jan 09 22:59:41 2008] RED calls the spirit of the wolf.</span>

01-10-2008, 10:52 AM
<p>The things that put you into combat in this game are flat out dumb.</p><p>i got put into combat by the following retarrded things so far because i used them when someone had attacked me in the last 30 seconds:</p><p>Totem of the Butterfly</p><p>Lucanic Insignia</p><p>A friend of mine was out of combat, not being attacked, but he was targeting a red toon.  he used a lucanic insigna and it put him into combat with the red.</p><p>You can't /bug this stuff enough, the whole "you have entered pvp combat" thing is borked.</p>

01-10-2008, 11:35 AM
Check your gear for procs.  There is a lot of gear that when hit will cast a point blank AE or there are some T8 items that when you cast sanything you can prock a point blank deagro.Only things i can think of.

01-10-2008, 01:27 PM
It looks to me that before Yellow died, he caused your friend's Lambent Rejuvenation to proc.Maybe the fact that it was ticking heals on your friend when the Reds re-invited Yellow to their group was viewed as a hostile action against their group?Thats all I can see.