View Full Version : warden or fury?

01-06-2008, 08:04 PM
<p>I hve a warden at lvl 25 and like him alot, i have also tried a fury but didnt liked him as much. Most ppl say furys are way better for pvp.</p><p>Can you tell me why to choose fury instead of warden?</p><p>What i like with the warden is the heals that feels much stronger,if i see afight is coming i can throw a 10 sec HoT at me and then i dont have to worry about healing for like 10 sec in fight, makes me able to throw more attacks. Fury as i noticed didnt had that good HoT heals.</p><p>so why choose fury instead of warden or warden instead of fury?</p>

01-07-2008, 03:52 AM
<p>Really just play the class that YOU enjoy and have fun with because if your not having fun then why play?  Sounds like you enjoy the warden over the fury so stick with it.</p><p>But I will say this as I am a 74 warden.  We get mana efficient heals (I've had fights last nearly 30 min while still having power to  heal), sandstorm (buff that gives a chance to knockback anyone that is attacking us), AAs that make us immune to root/reduce the effects of snares, evac, AAs which give 45% sow and increased mitigation.</p>