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01-06-2008, 06:44 PM
*NOTE: These are my opinions and ideas, any constructive feedback would be appreciative.<div></div><div>TITLES:</div><div></div><div>- Remove fame loss</div><div>- Make titles [x] times harder to obtain</div><div>- Make titles permanent</div><div>- (More options available)</div><div></div><div>CLASSES:</div><div></div><div>- EQ2 (As most of you know) was developed originally as a PvE oriented game with PvP servers being added later on. Most classes are group oriented. Scout classes (Not with the exception of Bards, there are some Bards who can hold their own) do have an advantage in PvP because they are designed to be heavy hitters. EQ2 PvP will never be fully balanced, but calling nerfs on classes (Particularly scouts) won't make a huge difference. Without track in PvP scouts will still find and kill players, as all players can. Also a nerf to the Brigand Dispatched and Enfeeblement abilities will make a small difference, yes, but Brigands are still a powerful class in the right hands, as are all classes dependent on certain situations, again, especially scout classes. If you play a group oriented class and get killed by scouts when you are solo, it shouldn't be a surprise. Group oriented classes, as most classes in EQ2 are, are well, are in need of a good group to be fully effective.</div><div></div><div></div><div></div>

01-06-2008, 07:05 PM
<p>I agree with some of your points.  Scouts are suppose to be able to be heavy hitters.  But the problem is that damage seems to be the only thing that matters in PvP.  I think the devs need to take a look at the strengths of the other classes and enhance them.</p><p>For instance, plate tanks are suppose to be able to take damage.  While they are able to survive longer than some of the other classes it's not such a noticable difference than any other classes; they'll live a few seconds longer at most.</p><p>The timer they have on mezzes and such should be removed for crowd control classes.  They are suppose to be able to keep you immobilized.  I know people don't like to be perma-mezzed but this is their class defining ability.</p><p> The point being, that although scouts can hit hard other classes should be able to counter with their own skills. </p>

01-06-2008, 07:34 PM
<p>I do agree 100% that fighter classes should last a bit longer than they do now in PvP. Most scouts get pretty [Removed for Content] near close to having the mitigation of a plate tank, and decent avoidance especially in their defensive stances. Other classes, mainly Wardens (Not excluding Furies) are able to obtain 50% or higher mitigation with their self buffs. This is ridiculous to me first of all because Druids do decent damage in PvP and wear leather... Self buffed it's like they are wearing chain/ plate armor.</p>