View Full Version : Gear disparity

01-04-2008, 03:56 AM
<p>  Thought id post this as i see tons of threads on nerf so and so etc. The major change with the new experience  for pvp kills has led to some toons(not classes)  being extremely overpowered compared to other toons of the same class.  As to the reason why,  some people spend alot of time working AA and farming nodes for cash to be more than competitive at every level,  before working thier pvp exp and leveling up extroardinarily fast.      </p><p>    This leads to a major imbalance IMO as the folks takeing thier time and im one of those folks, have little to no competition on a 1vs1 senario,  before the change there were folks in every tier equally geared or better geared and skill played a major role in wins 1vs1.   Shrug im not complaining, i like to win, but to the folks calling for nerf this class nerf that class i hope youve got legendary or better and at least  a few masters mixxed in with your ad3 spells.   Hell ask yourself how many slots do i have augged if its less than 2 not including your weapons, quit whining and gear up.</p>