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01-03-2008, 10:08 AM
<p>The last 2-3 weeks of gameplay i observe regular PvP tokens disappearance from my inventory!</p><p>My main char 80 Necro ("uber" pvp class as u all know) on Vox (the "bigest" PvP server as u know), and i am 80% solo so i knew ANY token i earned.</p><p>First i found out about 1-2 token disappearance from my inventory, i thought it some kind of small bug and ignored it ... but on 12/31/2007 i lost about 5 tokens at once!!!</p><p>I tried to solve this problem with "Petitions" only, but 50h+ gone and still no normal answer!!!</p><p>- first Petition was "12/31/2007" and i asked to look my logs, give all bug tokens back and tell me the the reason of that tokens disappearance;</p><p>- in about 10h+ the answer was (in a short way) "I will be escalating your petition to a Senior GM for further investigation" + "We value you as our customer";</p><p>- 12h+ gone nothing more;</p><p>- i updated my Petition and said that if it so hard for them to look logs and give all bug tokens back, then i don't want them back and <b>only i want to hear the reason of that tokens  disappearance!</b></p><p><b>- </b>12h+ gone and still nothing more;</p><p>Thought I could wait more but yesterday I lost about 2 tokens in realtime! I  even not log out  to lose it.</p><p>Just got 51 in bunch, killed q +1, => inventory, u think it was 52? NO ... 50 total, it made me mad!</p><p>From that time I started to make screenshots with "/time" almost all tokens I got.</p><p>Yesterday I loged with 50 tokens in  bunch, in the morning I had 49 (-1 again)! (mailed screenshots to GM).</p><p>And no need to say I could destroy it or move anyway, I hope GM can see logs and inventory that I didn't do any of that things +it is no reason to destroy anything and then ask where this item could disappear + I want to play and not to write such a topic, but I can't  ignore this situation!</p><p>I still want to know the <b>reason of that tokens  disappearance!</b></p><p>Was it :</p><p>- bug that appear in ROK (i didn't have such problems before ROK) and devs are going to fix it in nearest time;</p><p>- action of GM;</p><p>- accident that constrained with some works on server at that time (but not all the time!);</p><p>- may be bug that let tokens drop after the kill, but tokens are no-trade, no-value, and no info in logs;</p><p>Mates, if anybody havehad such a problem or maybe know the reason of that tokens  disappearance write here plz.</p><p>p.s I always camp in normal way (with 20 sec).</p><p>Ty</p>

01-03-2008, 11:58 AM
You're not alone.  I know someone in guildchat was complaining they lost tokens too. 

01-03-2008, 12:02 PM
I do know I have gotten Antonica Tokens from a freeportian.  Maybe its time to start banking them as you get em

01-03-2008, 12:17 PM
<cite>[email protected] wrote:</cite><blockquote>I do know I have gotten Antonica Tokens from a freeportian.  Maybe its time to start banking them as you get em</blockquote>ouch thats just cold......

01-03-2008, 12:45 PM
<p>I suspect the problem is as zzehsty said: You're losing tokens when you die in PVP, just like you would an adept1 book or something.  For that reason, I always bank my tokens any time I'm in town.</p>