View Full Version : Purchasing Rough Pearls

12-28-2007, 07:27 PM
<p>Heya, Don't know If i'm alloud to do this in the pvp discussion, but I think more people read this forum than by server...w/e</p><p><b><span style="color: #00ffcc;">I'm <i><u>Noracaen</u></i> From <u><i>Venekor</i></u> on <i><u>Freeport Side</u></i></span></b></p><p>I'm purchasing 18 Rough Pearls for 50gold per</p><p>I'm purchasing 5 Rough Moonstones for 65gold per</p><p>If you have any of these items, Please send me a mail or /tell I would Greatly appretiate it!</p>